Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is the part where I write something cheesy about it being 'Love Day' and all, but then I get all cynical like it's only 'Love Day' if you're in love which I'm not. Then I get depressed and want to rant about that until I remember this is a music blog. Le sigh.

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you are able to celebrate it for the Hallmark right reasons. You are all so cute. I'm just so darn happy for you. And I sincerely mean it with no sarcasm.

But for everyone else who's a lil' bit like me, I vote we have our own Valentine's Day party, which involves a lot of dancing, a lot of friends and a lot of attractive photos and videos of the sex you're most attracted to. This year's Cupid of choice...

Swoon. You may be my #2 Bias in KPOP, Super Junior's gorgeous Lee Donghae, but that doesn't mean you have to be #2 all of the time. Something tells me you're exactly the right person to think about on mushy days like these. Excuse me while I go buy chocolates for my imaginary hunky boyfriend, and then envision this, to the tune of "Marry You"...

If you watch it enough times, it looks like his lips are saying "I love you, Mel" in English. No? It doesn't? OK, maybe it's in Korean. Shut up, you probably don't know Korean!

Anyway, readers -- Happy Valentine's Day. And seriously, I do love you.

FYI - If the gifs don't move, click on them. Just saying.

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