Thursday, January 26, 2012

HEAR THIS: Flawless & Steph Jones Say "Ah Yeah"

Confession Time: Ever since the Pastele showcase I attended a few weeks back, I've had one song on constant replay and that is "L.I.E.", a collabo jam between dance rapper Flawless and Amy of Karmin (performed live that night with Pastele supplying the female vocals). So much so, that looking into the rest of Flawless' material seemed like a no-brainer, and when I did, I was momentarily stunned.

A native of Queens, he's opened Ray J, Fabolous & Trey Songz, toured across the US, the UK & China, and was an original finalist for Diddy's first 'Making The Band' (remember The Band? No?). His path to independant success has been non-stop ever since, earning attention from industry elite on the back of his own hard work, so when he says he's on a grind, he really means it.

Everyone who knows me knows that hip hop isn't usually my thing but this is exactly where Flawless stands apart. What I most especially adore about him is his devotion to experimenting with genres, fusing his hip hop rhymes with dance, pop, dubstep and house beats. His overall sound is pretty damn radio-ready minus the ego and label backup. For whatever reason, Flawless comes across as much more authentic and geniune. He's definitely akin to party hip hop jams by Flo Rida or the Black Eyed Peas -- minus the pretentiousness many have come to associate with this style of "party hop".

His latest, the catchy "Ah Yeah", is exactly that, employing former Ludacris protege Steph Jones to sing down the hook. The video starts out as your typical dance party, seguing into a manic pillow fight with lots of tribal-inspired blacklight. Check out the official video below and see what I mean.

Both "Ah Yeah" and "L.I.E." are available for purchase on iTunes & perusal on Spotify. For more on Flawless, visit his website @ or follow him on Twitter @ThisIsFlawless

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