Friday, December 02, 2011

HEAR THIS: Lady Gaga "Marries the Night"

We interrupt this usually scheduled post of Melismatic for a breaking report. A new Lady Gaga video is officially out on the market.

The excitement around Gaga's visual opuses has kind of waned (to put it mildly), but I think it's unfair to say its because she's jumped the shark. I think the novelty has just started to wear off and really, it's about time. Behind the smoke and mirrors, Stefani Germanotta is one truly talented vocalist and a dynamite performer.  

Born This Way, especially when compared with The Fame, almost seems like the work of a different artist completely -- and hasn't gotten the appreciation it deserves for its different degrees of empowerment and sheer stickyness. While "Edge of Glory" was a great pop record, it underwelmed in terms of fleshing out as a promotional piece, and why "You and I" was chosen as a single over the snappiness of "Hair" or "Scheibe" will continue to floor me. From the moment I heard Born This Way in its entirety this past May it was all about "Marry The Night". I realize I tend to get attached to album cuts that make perfect sense as singles in my mind but the feeling is apparently not mutual with the exec's at the artist's label -- but I never gave up hope for "Marry The Night" and luckily, it wasn't in vain. And at almost 14 minutes long, Gaga wasn't kidding around with this one...

PS - Stefani just released a remix collection of Born This Way (not just the singles!), featuring goodies by Goldfrapp (Judas), Two Door Cinema Club (Electric Chapel), Foster the People (You and I), Hurts (Judas), The Horrors (Bloody Mary), The Weeknd & Illangelo (Marry the Night) and many more.

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