Thursday, October 13, 2011

HEAR THIS: "What Do You Take" Pixie For?

I'm tired of you kicking the dirt
Just want the dust to settle
I'll find just what I deserve
If you can't do better
Can't say that you took your time
Before the sweet turned sour
You changed right before my eyes
You picked the wrong flower

-"What Do You Take Me For", Pixie Lott (feat. Pusha T)

I may not always agree with all of the decisions made by British popstar Pixie Lott but it's hard for me to dislike her. Her material always stands out for its slight vintage bent, thanks to her husky, 60's-influenced vocal tone and capabale musings. Her prior singles, especially debut single "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)", were an interesting fusion to me -- one part Amy Winehouse, Duffy, husky soul from a by-gone era, one part teen pop, one part urban twinge. 

It didn't surprise me that plans were made rather immediately to translate her success in the UK to the USA, but its been two years since Turn It Up was released and we Americans still have nothing to show for it. At best, we will most likely be seeing a re-hashing of Turn It Up featuring its greatest hits (singles "Mama Do", "Boys & Girls", "Cry Me Out", and "Gravity", as well as the Red-One produced "Here We Go Again" -- one of my favorite songs of 2009) as well as new material slated to feature Joe Jonas and Jason DeRulo. It also will no-doubt include a smattering of cuts from her upcoming sophomore UK release, titled Young Foolish Happy, including first single (and UK #1) "All About Tonight".

Currently, she's promoting her follow up single "What Do You Take Me For?", which features rapper and Kanye West protege Pusha T (who also happens to be part of the rap group Clipse). Much more urban-based than any of her prior releases, "What Do You Take Me For?" still stays very melodic, and has a bluesy kind of swing on top of muted horn blares and slinky electric bass.

Many of Pixie's nay-sayers bemoan her "image change" into something a little too sultry, but her voice always suited that kind of style, and nothing in the single's video accompaniment strikes me as too outrageous for the adorable 20 year old popstar (now sporting a short, pixie-ish haircut, how cute). "What Do You Take Me For?" is a literal slap at the haters -- Pixie's too quick to let you cut her down. Her Gaga-influence is ever apparent, and I applaud her for taking a considerable amount of control for a young pop starlet. In addition to writing a large percentage of her own material, she has also penned records for Alexandra Burke. She won me over originally for her unique set of power vocals, but her current brand of pop still remains as fun-loving and irreverant as it was when "Mama Do" first made its way into my ears.

Upon first listen "What Do You Take Me For?" urged immediate repeats, and could easily be one of my favorite pop cuts of 2011. So put that in your pipe smoke it.

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