Monday, September 26, 2011

HEAR THIS: Brittany McDonald is "H.O.T."

Don't need permission, do ya?
The Air Head Trend is dead
It's cool to have a brain instead

There's so much more to ya
You say I'm R.E.D. H.O.T....

-"R.E.D. H.O.T.", Brittany McDonald

I honestly could not be happier with the amount of positive-energy material surfacing from young female artists these days. In America of all places!

Are you familiar with one Ms. Brittany McDonald? It's time to remember the name. Appropriately labeled  as "Sass With Class", Brittany has built herself a serious fan-army with 10,000+ likes on Facebook and Twitter each. Not too shabby for an indie gal, who not to mention writes her own jams about being beautiful AND strong.

Her current single is dubbed "R.E.D. H.O.T." and besides being ridiculously catchy, this bare-bones strut of a tune is far more than meets the eye. While at first listen, it may conjure up images of Dev with her half singing and half rap-talkin' (as Fergie might say), the lyrics proudly state McDonald is a beauty with a brain. Yes, she's gorgeous, and no, she won't settle for just anyone.

When delving into more of McDonald's back catalog, she is building her career on being a real girl. Give "Boy Basher" a spin. "We don't need to talk for hours/Don't even need to buy me flowers/Maybe you just shouldn't screw up in the first place." Perhaps its the internal feminist that lives and flourishes within me, but I'd be lying if I said that this type of lyrical content makes me so much happier than the more romanticized, Romeo, save me, setups we've been swallowing and arguably enjoying. It's 2011, people -- let's follow Brittany's lead and be real.

If "R.E.D. H.O.T." is any indicator -- and I'm guessing it is -- Brittany's full-length album will be a doozy. Here's to something to look forward to!


Lilly said...

she was in the hitpredictor jukebox this week (completely unrelated)

Anonymous said...

I give it credit for some nice lyrics but overall it's a pretty bad rip off of Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Kesha's stuff. Next!

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