Saturday, May 07, 2011

WATCH THIS: Ellie Goulding on SNL

This is very late notice and I apologize, but I couldn't stop this spazz from bubbling up from my inner self out through my fingers onto the Blog.

I have a Love/Hate relationship with the American comedy institution that is Saturday Night Live. The sketches aren't always funny. The cast can be incredibly grating. The hosts can be completely bewildering. 

Most importantly for this column, the musical guests featured can sometimes take the love I originally had for them as artists and completely skewer it. Why? Because there are few televised live music venues quite like Saturday Night Live. I've been to the studio itself on a few occasions -- it positively buzzes with history. It's one of the livest places you can find on television. If you suck, you really suck. Even if you're mediocre, you will come across like you suck. But -- but -- if you are brilliant, it will really show. It's one of those make-or-break performance halls.

And this week, SNL is featuring not only the incredible Ms. Tina Fey as host, they are proclaiming the formal introduction of Ellie Goulding as their musical guest for their Mother's Day Show.

I really, really hope Ellie does this one...(I would embed, but it's disabled -- side eyes). Best of luck, girl. We're all rooting for you (and your American Invasion). Hopefully they'll give you a little more to do than what you got in the promo so you don't look as bored. ;)

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Nina said...

The only reason I might watch Tina Fey tonight is because she is so funny. I liked them in the late 2000's early 90's now they are so lame. Oh and I will definitely watch the season finale because it is justin timberlake and Lady Gaga.

Also who the hell is Ellie and why do not have anyone recognizable as their guest anymore?

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