Sunday, March 27, 2011

OVERHEARD ON TWITTER: Week of 3/27/2011

Forget artist websites and MySpaces, Twitter is the easiest way to get instant access to your favorite celebrities -- and we all know I spend far too much time on the social networking site rather than blogging these days. Thus I am introducing a weekly column posting of "important" news bites regarding my some of my favorite artists (and some of my favorite bloggers) that don't need immediate expansion upon. You'd think Twitter would teach me to not ramble can't teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.

Artist Updates:
-Happy Birthday to The Saturday's Rochelle and 2NE1's Park Bom!

-Kelly Rowland's got another single coming down the pike (and it's not "I'm That Chick"). It's called "Motivation", due to iTunes "soon". Hopefully the album will be out sometime before 2015.

-It's been a long time since I've properly updated on the boys of JYJ, but they are planning another World Tour (this time co-produced by Jaejoong himself). My fingers are poised on the keyboard for when they make their illustrious return to New York. :) Hopefully that trip will include more spoken English, vague (and possibly tearful) HoMin references, and a freak accident in which I encounter Junsu on the street and he takes me out to lunch...

-Per rapid fandom, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute and f(x) are all due for upcoming releases in short interim (which in South Korean standards could literaly be any second). All we need is SNSD for the Korean girl group equivilant of the Ultimate Battle Royale. Time to whip out the short shorts and get ready to dance, chickies. Excuse me while I contemplate what the new "concept" that they'll all undertake and lust after being able to dress like that on a daily basis...

-Purple Reign are also feeling the heat and anticipation for an upcoming release, continuing their relentless teasing for their upcoming second mixtape/single.

-I currently only follow three members of Super Junior, and I'm already entertained, as one goes off in a semi-English rant after being hit in the face with a light stick, and the other loses his phone and iPod (oh BB, I don't know how you are living right now!) and writes on Twitter to adorably tell it 'Bye Bye'. Now, if only the last would post recent photographs of himself and my One-True-KPop-Husband, I think I might die of the fangirling.

-I'm selfishly sad Ro Danishei won't be at her BFF Simon Curtis' show this week in Brooklyn, mostly because I was hoping I'd get to see "Michelle" performed live. Simon & Ro's producer Jadion will be there however, and I'm hearing word that Resolution Radio fave Chris Koon (who's EP was also featured Jadion production) might be too...

Blogger Updates:
-Happy Birthday to my favorite Rude Boy, Elvin.

-Nikki is making a 'comeback', ya'll! Let the countdown to mid-April commence.

-Check out Will's recent interview with the boy band that opened for Janet Jackson when I saw her last week at Radio City (article coming shortly).

-My friend and fellow Resolution Radio DJ Lilly has recently posted a fab inteview with the indelible Erika Fatale. If you don't know Erika, get to know her. Fast.


Unknown said...

I really like Rowland but who keeps spitting out singles with no album behind it?

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