Monday, March 14, 2011

MIXTAPE: Alesha Dixon, Tino Coury & Girls Nite Out (Oh My!)

In light of the old 'WGO' type of posts I used to churn out reflecting which songs have recently undergone the most abuse on my iPod, let's take a look at three recent ditties...

ALESHA DIXON - "Every Little Part of Me" (feat. Jay Sean)
Can you really do this?
No, no -- not not not not me
I never saw me falling hard
Got me like a new hit
No, no -- not not not not me
You took away my guard  

The former Mis-Teeq chanteuse turned heads with her second solo bow The Alesha Show in the UK in 2008, giving us the Xenomania goodie "The Boy Does Nothing" and the more sultry Soulshock/Karlin dub "Breathe Slow". It's been a bit of a rough go for her since then, which explains why I wasn't even aware her third album The Entertainer was already released this past November. The project's third single, "Every Little Part of Me", gives me nostalgia for "Nothing", because from the minute I heard the intro's synthy beats, I was hooked and kept it on replay for a solid hour. That is no exaggeration. Unlike with previous singles, there appears to be a more dedicated push with this one to the US Market (given Jay Sean had a #1 hit with "Down" last year). So far, the prospects for chart success haven't been very strong (perhaps after a 2010 full to the brim with pop cuts featuring the term "put my hands up", it feels a bit tired to some) but the song remains as scorching as ever to yours truly.

TINO COURY - "Up Against the Wall"
You got me up against the wall
You keep pushing me back
And everything you do
Know I like it like that

Indie singer-songwriter Tino Coury first came to my attention thanks to John and his recommendation of Tino's excellent debut single "Diary" (epic for the "My heart is bleeding/Paper cut from reading Page One" and "I feel just like J.T. on that 'Cry Me A River' ish" lines alone). Tino popped back up on my screen of consciousness recently when he was chosen to be one of our more recent 'Artists of the Week' at Resolution Radio. In addition to "Diary", I spun this little synthy gem which also serves as Tino's followup single. The production is very familiar -- all it's missing is Jason DeRulo and J.R. Rotem's trademark airhorn blares and it would be a certifiable Beluga Heights radio-ready cut. But it's not. Don't hold that against Tino, who is every bit as deserving of radio success as Rotem's non-stop hit brigade. "Up Against the Wall" is instantaneously infectious, and I do "like it like that". Tino's full length album is hopefully coming to us shortly.

GIRLS NITE OUT - "Too Much Information"
I'm a believer
I won't be second best
I'm a believer
That some things are better not said
Too much information
I don't wanna wanna
Don't wanna hear it

It's hard for me not to smile when I see the girls in GNO (Girls Nite Out). My other favorite Boston girl group is ramping up their promo in a big way with a brand new member in tow (Alyna -- the cutie in the sequined black shirt in the video below).  Their recently released promo video for "Too Much Information" highlights their playful adorabableness, staying age appropriate all the while holding up a crafty little pop song with an unrelenting chorus. In short, it embodies what I loved so much about The Saturdays in the beginning -- their down-to-earth relatability to the fans, and their penchant for the shamelessly charming. That and I really want to rock Cynthia's outfit, complete with headband. So cute!


Katerina said...

GNO soudns great, but I know that music tune. Right now it's not coming, but I'll remember where I know it from lol

Katerina said...

found it, told ya lol

Mel said...

Wow, you aren't kidding -- they are the same!! Must be an English cover with adjusted lyrics. :)

Katerina said...

I suppose it is
I couldn't place it a t first but like listening to the song for like the thrd time the spanish chorus came to me and well not too many Spanish artists I actually listen to

Katerina said...

Been checking out some other songs of them looks liek they've got their hand on cover, "too young" was originally released by german band queensberry

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