Sunday, March 20, 2011

COUNTDOWN TO LIVE: Janet Jackson, "Number Ones"...#1

I've been counting down my Top Three favorite Janet Jackson songs of all time in excitement for her upcoming concert here in New York at Radio City Music Hall, TOMORROW NIGHT which I will be seeing LIVE and IN PERSON! Finally, we've come to my favorite Janet song of all time, and while it was literally like choosing between family members, I've made my decision. (For #2 and #3, click here.)

My favorite Janet song is the namesake from the album that many consider to be her breakthrough, as it was her first to chart on the Billboard 200 and garner her the attention as a solo artist she deserved. That album, despite being just nine tracks long (and almost every single track was released as a single!), debuted to us a new side to the Jackson's kid sis -- a side that was strong, confident and very much in control.

Despite the fact that 1986's Control was her third solo album, many often mistake it to be her debut. It was the beginning of a semblance of her desire to get out from her brothers' (large) shadows as well as spread her wings not just as an artist, but was a young woman.

"Control" was the album's fourth single (following popular titles like "What Have You Done For Me Lately" and "Nasty"), and spoke to the theme of Janet's new confident mindset that would follow her throughout her musical career. As a young woman myself, it's hard to not find the lyrics spelled out in "Control" inviting, and by the time I turned 17, I had adopted it to be my own personal anthem. In college, I offered it up as one of my favorite songs of all time toward a handful of friends for our own "mixtape" project we created to bond us together. And to this day, "Control" serves as a reminder that I can be strong and confident and take the lead in my life and career.

The big day is literally just HOURS away! Stay tuned after Monday's show for a detailed gushfest!

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