Monday, January 31, 2011

WGO: New Songs, Old Groups and Mixed Feelings

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated these past few weeks -- if only I didn't feel so drained at the end of the day! My lethargy is only augmented by the fact that there is literally SO MUCH to blog about, 'specially regarding two upcoming projects that I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER psyched about...but more on that in the coming days. As for right in the here and now...

+ Today is Justin Timberlake's 30th Birthday. Really. Don't you feel old now, fam?

+ I may be totally alone in this regard, but does anyone else think that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler aren't that bad as American Idol judges?

+ Thanks to fan request, Simon Curtis, Andrea Lewis and Ro Danishei will be performing a joint concert together, backed by Electroqueer, in London this March. Rock on! Now when are you three coming to the Big Apple?

+ Speaking of awesome concerts in March, guess who's going to see JANET EFFING JACKSON at Radio City Music Hall (MEMEMEMEMETHEANSWERISMEEEEEE). Ahem. 

+ So the new Britney single is out. Yes, it's a Dr. Luke creation. Yes, it's "dub-step". No, I remain unimpressed. My feelings on the Britney matter is it all feels so processed and forced at this point. Does she really need to keep churning out material? I sincerely hope her health is being kept as a first priority...

+ On a somewhat related note, a brand new Avril Lavigne single, "What the Hell" has hit the shelves and it's left me saying the same thing, just not in a positive way. It's very reminiscent of her bubblegummy hit "Girlfriend", and from the tone surrounding her upcoming album project that doesn't seem to be sitting quite well with Ms. Lavigne, who has been a bit upset with the treatment she's been receiving from her A&R/label. Eh, another day, another drama. What matters is she's happy as a musician foremost -- I may not be her biggest fan, but she certainly can write a catchy chorus...just not in this case.

+ Katy Perry continues to gain coolness points in my book for her choice in opening acts for her upcoming California Dreams tour, which include Robyn and Marina & The Diamonds. My only complaint? She ain't coming to New York City! RIDICULOUS.

+ Billboard Magazine has announced a brand new chart (not so) ironically titled 'Uncharted', which features more on underground artists generating buzz via Social Media but have NOT charted elsewhere on other charts. It may have only taken the music industry a decade or so, but they are starting to realize the Internet is kind of here to stay. Who knew?

+ Fellow (Retro-In-Some-Respect!) Boy Band Fans Rejoice! It has been confirmed that the original 'Making the Band' group, O-Town, is attempting a comeback. As to be expected, there are 'howevers' to this potentially guilty-pleasure inducing statement. The group seems to be coming back as a four-piece at the expense of Ashley Parker Angel (the original "heart-throb" of the group if you watched the television series run as I admittedly did, whom I saw on Broadway in 'Hairspray' a few years back). If reports are to be believed, the boys have been trying to scrap together a 'reunion' for several months now but have been unable to persuade Ashley to make the jump, and are now officially going on without him. Hmmm. In case you've forgotten O-Town's main reason for relevance, let me remind you. However, I wouldn't be bitter ol' me if I didn't say that never in a million years would I think O-Town would have a reunion before *NSYNC. BRB, sobbing...

+ In other pop band member rotation news, fledgling girl group No More Drama (or NMD for those in the know), which features former Clique Girlz singer Ariel Moore and boasts Howie from the Backstreet Boys as a backer, is in the process of auditioning a fifth and ideally permanent member for the group. For a group called No More Drama, they certainly gone through the ringer in terms of member switch-ups, as this isn't the first time they've been auditioning to fill in the gaps. Best of luck to the girls -- I've been waiting on their finished product for what feels like forever at this point!

+ I'm super happy to report my favorite girl group from Boston, JADA, have wrapped work on their upcoming music video for "This Party's On Fire". The finished product should be coming to us shortly.

+ As for my OTHER favorite girl group from Boston, Girls Nite Out (GNO), the group are also in the midst of auditioning a fifth member following the recent exit of member A-Marie. However, I am told by a source very close to the group that there is no ill will, and the group is gearing up to come back harder than ever with a brand new member soon.


John said...

Lots of good stuff here. Glad you mentioned the "Uncharted" chart because I have issues. It's great that they are recognizing unsigned acts because being signed is not required to be relevant anymore. However they require artists to be on MySpace Music. Lame.

Yuяi said...

I agree...J-Lo and Tyler are not bad at all. I'm sorta...dare I say... excited??? to watch Idol this season. We'll see how it all pans out, but I think it was a good move.

Myfizzypop said...

i like the britney song. i like the avril song. i'm not hugely excited about either yet i seem to be playing them a lot - though i suspect because i feel i should be playing them a lot more considering my history with their tracks. Ah well. Always the albums.

PS can you believe i'm in europe (mainland) when simon hits UK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

love this girl
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Lilly said...

great write-up, mel (as always)

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