Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Michelle, the Robot Doll

Paging Pop Fans: Your soon-to-be reigning King and Queen are waiting.

Fresh off the release of her debut (free!) solo album, End of the Rainbow, my girl Ro Danishei turned up to the Roxy in Los Angeles this past week to support BFF and fellow PopStar-In-Waiting-For-World-Domination, Simon Curtis, who was performing that night in support of his free album, 8 Bit Heart. They performed their duet "Michelle", off of Ro's album. 

The song's dissonance is a scorcher on their recorded version, so I was biting my nails to see how it would turn out on the stage, and -- unsurprisingly -- it turned out fantastic.

Check out the performance below thanks to a fellow Robot Doll fan (@brentisbored -- gracias, bb!). Despite a slight technically difficulty for Ms. Danishei, the song turned out great!

You can download Simon and Ro's respective free debut albums at www.simon-curtis.com and www.rodanishei.com. Get on board. Good pop is waiting. Don't say we didn't warn you -- we will laugh at you from the bandwagon if you miss it.

Also, be sure to tune in to my radio show at 9PM Eastern tomorrow (Wednesday, the 12th)  night -- not only is Ro Artist of the Week (HURRAH!), but I will be spinning multiple cuts from End of the Rainbow, and Simon's 8 Bit Heart as well.

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