Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mandy Ventrice Lets 'Loose'

It's been a hot minute since I've checked in on one of my favorite unsigned female singers, Mandy Ventrice, and that's a serious boo on me. There's plenty to salivate over (although still no album...waits impatiently), so let's get right to it, shall we?

She's since gone blond-ette and has busy documenting herself on the YouTubes (see here), including a fun little studio view from early last month, which documents her in the studio, providing some writing for former American Idol (season 9) hopeful Paige Myles (Hit Predictor crew, stand up!). Paige bowed out of the show relatively early, but you may perhaps remember her for being kind of the lone wolf in the R&B belter category of this past season. Her chemistry with Mandy is pretty obvious from the video (and their Facebook shoutouts to each other), so fingers crossed for the fruits of that union! Mandy is a phenomenal writer, so I'm excited to see she's working behind the scenes again (as well as working on her own material). In case you weren't aware, she also wrote a song for Brooke Hogan (waaaay) back in the day, amongst others.

In terms of her own material, she is in the process of launching her own (long overdue) official website, which you can check out here. And there's also this little ditty with dance DJ Ian Carey called "Let Loose". It's very Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"/David Guetta "Love Is Gone" (and when I say 'very', I mean virtually identical), in a very good way (for those of you who are a bit tired of this Guetta-esque kind of sound that seems to be popping up everywhere -- I for one am not one of you, but I understand the sentiment). Familiar sound aside, Mandy's vocals really pop here  in a way that Fergie's could only hope to and it makes me very excited for her sassy new material. Excuse me while I go "sip on Grey Goose".

::stamps foot:: Someone needs to put out a record on iTunes. Stat. ::cough:: Mandy, you listening? ::cough::

Check out "Let Loose" below. It's now available on iTunes, Beatport and other online retailers. through Spinnin' Records. Intrigued by Mandy? Check out my interview with her from early last year.

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Aaron said...

Hmm...She sounds exciting - Can't wait to hear more from her!

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