Sunday, August 01, 2010

The KPop Panel

Not a real update per say -- please bare with me during pretty much this entire month, I shall be quite burdened with my MOVE!! My Twitter will be on the constant and I shall be having a lot to say following next Thursday's Robyn/Kelis/Dan Black concert (hopefully this time with pictures -- darn vertical challenge-ness!). Until then --

I invite you to check out, read, link, comment, love and adore THE KPOP PANEL, the brainchild of myself and Nikki @ Pop Reviews Now.

It follows a similar aesthetic as the infamous Pop Panel created by Mike @ Pop Trash Addicts, except the spotlight is on KPop Music. Of course, if the music moves me enough to elaborate more than the allowable paragraph each week, I shall be getting to it here -- and granted, the Panel won't be able to cover all the songs that hit the 'Net (God knows there are a ton of them), but if you like KPop (or even if you don't), I warmly suggest you check it out. (Longest run-on sentence ever? I think so.)

This week, we cover ground by Se7en, 4minute, G.NA, SISTAR and of course, my (little) boys in SHINee. Take a wild guess who I 'voted' for. ;)

The Panel also featured some of my favorite people here on the Blogosphere, including Pop Poster Girl, Paul from FizzyPop!, new friend of mine McRoth from McRoth's Residence, and of course, my gal pal and geniune lil sister Nikki. Be forwarned, blogging friends -- if we are friends, I'm coming after you to be a Panelist at some point. Oooh, the mystery!

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OMG! I just missed the show Friday in Toronto. Will see Rihanna Thursday while you're enjoying the show!! Have fun! xoxo

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