Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jada's On Fire

I'm keeping in the Universal Motown family today, as I haven't checked in on my ladies in Jada in some time -- and that really needed to change. For those of you who aren't as familiar, Jada's debut single, "American Cowboy", was produced by the omniscent presence that is RedOne, and follow-up single "Break Up Song" showed off a more tender side (along their vocals). 

 (Left to Right: Lauren, April, Elle and Jacyn)

The group is now on to Single #3 (can't stop, won't stop, fam), and it's called "This Party's On Fire". The song was produced by Rio, and is uptempo, more along the lines of their debut (complete with a "Ree-oh oh oh" intro hook). The girl's vocals are icy and chill in comparison to the hyper dance track underneath, which leads me to believe that their debut album (still due for release soon...date unknown) will be more "Cowboy" than "Break Up". You can hear a preview of the song at their official website (scroll all the way down for the single player). It is set for iTunes release shortly and when it does, I shall be speaking about it properly.

To help hold you and I over, I present to you this fierce remix of "American Cowboy" by Dutch DJ Armin van Buure. Zowwwww. I know, you know, I'm sex-eh!

These girls are fighters, and I love that not only does their music make you want to get out of your seat and dance (be it sway or jump around), they never lose what makes them so unique in the first place -- their humility and geniune adorableness. Keep rockin', Jada!

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