Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dear Robyn, You Can 'Hang With Me'

By the time you are reading these very words, I will be anxiously awaiting one of the biggest concert highlights of my life. LIFE, I tell you.

For tonight, fam, tonight is the night I will be seeing Far East Movement, Dan Black, Kelis and (bow down) ROBYN. Sold out. Webster Hall. All Hearts Tour. Oh. Yeah.

::wipes tears:: I haven't been this effing excited to see anyone since...I don't know...the *NSYNC days of yore? And to think, I've been a fan of Robyn even before *NSYNC entered my life. Amazing. Just amazing.

Full account (and hopefully pictures) will be coming asap. Bare with me. Watch my Twitter for possible live Tweets.

Cue Body Talk, Part 1 on massive, MASSIVE repeat.

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Aaron said...

Hope it's amazing :P - Hope you enjoy :)

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