Monday, July 05, 2010

The Year 2010, Part 1 (1.0)

Considering it is now July (how did this year fly as fast as it has, huh?), now kind of marks the halfway point in our 2010 Music Listenings. It's been filled with some great stuff, some criminal disappointments, and has set us up for lots of hopefully remarkable things to stay optimistic about for the next six months and beyond. Rather than enumerating in long-winded opinion pieces, I can sum up the cream of the crop below:

Everyone's going to have different Top 5 thus far, but I think we can agree the ladies are really killing Oh-Ten, no?

For those who aren't already aware, the albums above from beginning to end are as follows:
Ellie Goulding, Lights; Janelle Monae, The Archandroid; Kylie Minogue, Aphrodite; Marina & The Diamonds, The Family Jewels; Robyn, Body Talk Part 1.

[Edit/Addendum] These three also should be thrown on the list for good measure -- can't believe I forgot them!

Albums listed above are as follows:
Goldfrapp, Head First; Kelis, Flesh Tone; Scissor Sisters, Night Work.


rcLoy said...

Oh yeah, Kylie and Marina are pretty darn fantastic! But Kylie leading all the way for me :) Get Outta My Way, please!

John said...

Janelle, Kylie, Marina...I'm with you. Robyn is more like an EP for me than a full-length, and Ellie I just haven't gotten into. If I had to fill in two other albums, I would probably include Toni Braxton's Pulse, because I've played it so much, and Kelis, which is too damn fierce.

Aaron said...

Erm...I'd possibly change some of those...just a little.. :)

Kylie, DEFINITELY! - Follow that with Gabriella Cilmi, KE$HA, Lolene & Kimberly Caldwell - So much amazing music though!!!

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