Monday, June 07, 2010

We are 'Bionic' 'Prima Donnas'

Tomorrow marks a big day for Ms. Christina Aguilera, a woman I've looked up to and been a fan of since I was 12 years old (hard to believe, right?). Her fourth official studio album, Bionic, is officially in stores, after four years of waiting, speculating, anxiety, annoyance, and a little more waiting. 

Needless to say, it's an album I've been anticipating greatly. Having had the chance to preview the album a few weeks back, I've been listening to it full length quite often, and to say I'm a bit...dissapointed would be an understatement.While I definitely do not believe she should be getting the side-eyes and hurtful reviews she is receiving, I am strangely finding myself in the camp of disbelief at her choices. The fan-ship will never waver so long as she still has that voice, and while it may not be under the striking spotlight on this record, as she's stated herself, she's already proven herself. 

(Funny note: So many people bemoaned her reliance on melismatic trilling throughout her career. Here comes Bionic, which is somewhat 'stripped' of that, and fans come out of the wood work bemoaning her lack of it. Hmm)

I found myself a bit lost for words in an attempt to piece together how I felt about the project. There's a lot I really like, and a quite a bit I'm not so fond of, and mixed feelings for me is never kosher. Then, inspiration struck, as my friend and respected blogger-in-crime The Audio Diva approached me about writing a collaborative round-table review of the album. It's a long and winding read, and for the Christina fans here -- it's worth it. Thanks again, girl, for thinking of me for this project. I look forward to many more collabos with you in the future. :)

X-tina, we may not always agree with your choices, but we'll always be here for you. With that said, click here for our thoughts, track-by-track, on Bionic.

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Aaron said...

You know...I'm yet to hear it, but I am quite excited!

Judging by the lead single, which is rather brilliant, some of the reviews seem a little harsh...but fingers crossed I like it - It'll be interesting to see how it charts!

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