Friday, June 11, 2010

Hitting Your Heart [4Minute's "HUH"]

It's been almost two months since I've last discussed my favorite cut from the Korean Pop scene (to refresh your memories, it was 2AM's "I Was Wrong"). To be honest, these past few weeks have been the first time in a long time my most played songs on the iPod weren't Korean. Perhaps it's because the majority of the Korean scene has been swamped with tribute and rally songs for the World Cup (clearly South Koreans are big soccer fans -- or rather football fans depending on where you call home). Despite this, I can always count on the KPop idol groups to give me at least one catchy pop ditty to wear out and amp me up, even if it's just till something better comes along. 

Since my love affair with "I Was Wrong", I found myself falling for the first girl group to begin the "dark" concept that's been sweeping the genre -- Kara -- and their single "Lupin". The song was the lead single from the five member girl-group's third album, and was the first "dark" concept out of the proverbial gate (competitor girl groups SNSD quickly followed with their hit "Run Devil Run"). The song is a lot of synthy fun, as you can see below.

Though the song saw release back in February, I continue to play it quite a bit. However, I've officially found my new KPop girl group summer anthem, in the surprisingly capable hands of another five-piece group, 4minute, who I briefly mentioned toward the end of my 'American in KPop' introduction special this past January. The song is called "Huh" (apparently short for "Hit Ur Heart"), and it is the lead single off their sophomore EP. 

While very Pussycat Dolls in sound, especially with the gleefully ballsy "Ha Ha Ha" bits and the "I want to be famous" lines, "Huh" is pure pop hook perfection and once it's got its tendrils in you, it really doesn't want to let go. I suffered the same fate at the hands of their debut single last year, "Hot Issue", which was quickly followed up by their debut album's namesake "Muzik" (especially that "Boys of the Summer"-esque intro, dubbed "For Muzik"). "Huh" may not be as immediately catchy as either of those tunes, and the girls may have abandoned their neon-colored ripped leggings look that I loved so dearly I wanted to become their sixth member (again, in favor of a more all black, "dark" concept that seems to be the craze currently), but it suffices quite well while I wait for my favorite KPop girl group, 2NE1, to return to the scene with their official sophomore release.

4minute currently is suffering a bit in terms of differentiating themselves from the pack of "freshman and a half" as I'd like to put it girl groups currently ruling the scene (with the Queen Bees in my mind being 2NE1, while Wonder Girls and the aforementioned SNSD have probably gained the biggest fanbases currently). The group officially debuted only last summer, with their debut mini-album, in support of first single "Hot Issue", hitting shelves in June 2009. Since then, they've released two more singles, and "leader" HyunAh (a former member of the Wonder Girls before leaving the group of her own accord prior to their big break) released a solo single "Change". They also recorded a song with R&B singer Amerie, and toured all over Asia (including the Phillippines, as my kid sis Nikki can attest, as she saw them perform live). Needless to say, they've accomplish a lot in less than a year.

The video, as seen below, is quite textbook girl group attempting to be edgy, complete with dance moves we've seen before (Exhibit A: Beyonce's "Single Ladies"; Exhibit B: TVXQ/DBSK's "Mirotic") and pouty expressions, but it's done well enough. Like "Muzik" before it, it also includes a piece of the sophomore album's intro, titled "Who's Next?", which features their "label" mates in boy band B2ST (Beast), arguably one of the best of the boy groups currently active, which you can see in the beginning of the vid.

Oh, South Korea -- how I love your love for guilt-less pleasure pop. "Say Huh" indeed.

PS - Dear 4minute's Makeup Stylist, please come to New York City. I'd love to have a make over and learn how you create those eye-makeup looks. XOXO, Mel

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rcLoy said...

To be honest, Muzik and Hot Issue does nothing for me, na da. But I love What A Girl Wants though. LOL. It's been a while since any Kpop song hit me like Sorry Sorry or Gee, I guess all of them need 2 step up their game, even SUJU, Bonamana loses it's charm after a while. Hm, I'm gonna give this HUH ago, oh yeah, I'm not lovin' Run Devil Run. Hahahahaha, am I picky or what? LOL

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