Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Lesson In FanGirling (and Analysis Too, We Suppose)

( Dong Bang Shin Ki/DBSK/TVXQ from left to right: Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho)

I'm mentioned before my ardent love for the boys in DBSK, mostly thanks Nikki at Pop Reviews Now. Mostly thanks to her influence late last year, I finally gave DBSK a formal chance, and stumbled into a wide world of fangirling and English transcribed music videos. She and I decided come together to give you a taste of what many of our conversations consist of -- a mixture of admiration for the musical talent these five capable boys have, and also ridiculous and funny comments (or at least, we think we're funny). Admittedly, this is more those who are already fans of the boys in DBSK, but would also function as a great crash course for those of you who are not so familiar. Warning: this post is ridiculously long and therefore is set behind the cut below.

For more detailed analysis of each member's voice and vocal capabilities, I suggest you check out Nikki's vocal commentaries on the subject here, here and here.

FanGirl Key:
Yunho - (aka YH, Ho, U-Know) The bass voice and "leader" of DBSK. He's also the main dancer. Fans often joke that he is in a "relationship" with group member Jaejoong (Yunjae)...but that's a long story for another time and place.

Yoochun - (YC, Chun, Chunnie, Micky) Next above Yunho, more of a growly deep voice. He also lived in America for a few years, and is therefore given speaking parts in songs that are in English. However, he's not exactly fluent and often forgets much of the English he learned. We love him all the same.

JaeJoong - (Hero, JJ, J, Joong, Joongie, Nikki's Bias or Favorite) The somewhat obvious heartthrob of the group, who sings melody tenor. He's basically so pretty, the collective women of the world are jealous. Myself included.

Junsu - (JS, Su, Xiah) The requisite "big" voice of the group. He's often pigenholed by the other members for being so cutesy all the time in interviews and fanservice, and is unarguably one of the funniest members of the whole group by how willing he is to sacrifice himself for others laughter. He also just released a solo single called "Intoxication" this past week and it's sex, sex and more sex. Just saying.

Changmin - (CM, Min, Minnie, Changminnie, Minnie Mouse, Max, My Bias) What is there to say? Min sings the highest parts, and often is accounted for his ability to "scream" (see "Rising Sun" and the bridge of "Mirotic"). I quite enjoy him for his long legs, his snarky remarks and his ability to make me stand mesmerized when watching music videos. It's an addiction. It really needs to stop.

SM Entertainment - (SM) DBSK's entertainment company that put them together, that three members are in the midst of sueing. Rumors have run rampant about their scolding and physical abuse against its talent, however its hard to substantiate this.

To read the whole thing, click here.

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