Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Happy (Belated) Birthday, Lil Stevie!

Can't believe I forgot to mention this! Yesterday was Mr. Stevland Morris's 60th birthday, better known to the world at large as Stevie Wonder, the man, the legend, the creative genius, and the staple in my music collection since birth. Take a little time today and reminisce about all this man has contributed to the music world -- the results are completely staggering. While there are plenty of hits that I could link to ("I Just Called To Say I Love You", "Overjoyed", "Uptight", "My Cherie Amor" and "Superstitious" immediately jump to mind as iconic favorites of yours truly), ultimately I'm going with my old favorite: "Higher Ground."


Thank you, Mr. Wonder, for all you've given us and continue to give. I have to admit, seeing him live in person this past September for VH1's Diva's Live was one of the most emotional and goosebump-inducing concert experiences of my lifetime. I feel privileged to say I was able to see someone so talented live in the flesh, and share the same air as him. Play on, Stevie. Play on.

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