Monday, May 17, 2010

A Duet to Touch the Heart, Once [American Idol]

I haven't spoken much about American Idol this season on this blog because I've been busy compiling recaps over at the HitPredictor music blog. Kindly check it out and feel free to leave comments here regarding who  you'd like to win, general spazzing, anger at Kara DioGuardi/Ellen DeGeneres/Ryan Seacrest, etc. I've been waiting for something to truly blow me away so I can spazz about it here as well, and sadly, here we are at the end of the season with only the Top 3 remaining, and I still haven't.

Enter last week's duet of "Falling Slowly", the love theme from the film Once, by Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox, the twosome who I've desperately wanted to be in the Final Two for several weeks now. Their version may not trump the original, but the rasp in each of their voices complements each other very well. I can see this being on the radio and being a hit. Can you?

PS - Full Disclosure: if Casey James wins this thing, I will be beyond pissed. Actually, if he makes it to the Final Two this week I will be beyond pissed. That is all.

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