Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Lady Phoenix From the Ashes...Risen

Ashley Poole, Melissa Schuman and Diana Ortiz are three names you need to remember. If they sound familiar, it may be because they were 3/4 of early 00's girl group, Dream, which gained popularity in the US  under Diddy's Bad Boy imprint for their hit singles "He Luvs U Not" and "This Is Me". They went on to sell just shy of 2 million of their debut album, It Was All A Dream (which still holds up to this day -- esp. "In My Dreams" and "When I Get There"). Now, ten years after their debut single saw release, the three of the group's four original members have reunited as Lady Phoenix, an inspired, genre-bending, old-school-meets-new-school fusion on the pop scene that relies on the young womens' strong bond with each other. To listen to a handful of swinging tunes, check out their ReverbNation page, or chat with them on Twitter (I personally suggest "Bang Bang" or "Goodbye Love", but that's just me).

I've been eagerly following their career since I first heard word of their revamping, in particular after hearing their fresh cover of Peggy Lee's "Fever" back in early 2009. Then, early this year I was approached by the group about doing a little Q&A with the fans. Words cannot express how honored I am to help promote a group I'm so fond of. I fell for Dream head over heels back in '00 as they were my age and yet fulfilling their 'dreams', and built my first legitimate fansite, helping foster the eventual snowball into a drive and interest in music promotion that I currently find myself so immersed in. Seeing them continue on now, older and wiser, still friends and ever so talented and charming, it feels a bit like coming full circle. It's even more fulfilling to see that they continue to be empowering supporters of real young women, rather than the pre-fabrication that seems to be running rampant currently. One of the reasons why I so ardently adored Dream back in the day was because, not only were they around my age, it felt like I was one of them -- they were the girls next door, my friends at school, and at the same time, the cool girls that I desperately wanted to be myself.

Check out the video below to see the girls chat about their new life together as Lady Phoenix, their fresh sound, their friendships with former 'Dream' members Holly Arnstein and Kasey Sheridan, their upcoming TV show, and much more, complete with smiles, laughs and pinch-your-cheeks cuteness. A million and one thanks goes to Ashley, Diana and Melissa for taking the time out of their schedules to provide us with this video interview. Please visit the brand new Melismatic's YouTube Channel and friend/subscribe me -- there will be lots of fun exclusives coming soon. :) For a full transcript of the interview you see below, click here.

(Lady Phoenix are -- from left to right -- Ashley Poole, Diana Ortiz and Melissa Shuman)

It really goes without saying, but a HUGE thank you once again to Ashley, Diana and Melissa -- for making a 'dream' of mine come true, ten years in the making. Corny? I could care less. Lady Phoenix is due big things -- get on board.


Anonymous said...

Eee! MelTV - LOVE IT!

Maija said...

Very cool! Love the format - can't wait to see what else you have in store! You always have the head's up on great new groups, thanks for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

awesome interview

Myfizzypop said...

love the video. Mel! There needs to be more YOU in youtube :)


aww that's sweet. congrats hun!! i wondered what happened to them!!

Aaron said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Aren't you lucky?
Really appreciate it!

Kaya said...

It's good to hear from them
Is there any word on Dream, it was also getting reformed with other members

Mel said...

Chem - :) MelTV. I like the sound of that. ;)

Maija - Thanks so much! I always appreciate your support! :) :) *hugs*

Lupe - Thanks much! :)

Paul - I'm not so sure about my face, but I wouldn't mind trying to work out a podcast. I used to have a radio show back in the day...I got lots of ideas floating around. ;)

Will - Thanks so much, love! :)

Aaron - Thanks so much, dearie!

Kat - As far as I know, the reformed Dream is still a go (with none of the members in Lady Phoenix - obviously, they are a separate group). News has gone a bit cold recently, but as far as I know it's still happening.

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