Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[WGO] Obsessed With the Mess That's...

+ John Mayer is a callous, offensive, pompous ass. But I'm guessing you have already heard. As much as I wish it all would go away (Mayer included), we're still talking about it, so I guess he wins, right? Feminist SoapBox Moment: If a woman said anything remotely close to what he said, the outrage that would ensue would hardly be forgotten and forgiven the following week like what will happen to Mayer. Just saying. He may have already apologized for part of the damage, but his lack of concern for the comments he made regarding ex Jessica Simpson further demonstrates how much of a sleeze his man continues to be. I wonder why women continue to find him attractive at all.

+ Sade is slated to steal the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 Album Chart for this upcoming week away from Lady Antebellum. Welcome home, girl.

+ Just when I thought my ire toward the changeups in my former favorite Brit girl group Sugababes couldn't get higher, the group have made the announcement that they will be having an album release party open to fans in the UK, in which tickets are fairly inexpensive considering their "catalogue". The sheer fact that Sweet 7 is seeing release at all continues to give me angry fits, but the fact that they are claming they are so "all about the fans" makes me see red all over again. Call me bitter, I don't mind. 

+ Rumors are swirling that Christina Aguilera's suspected first single off of her Bionic project, "Glam", is due for release (and therefore, premature leakage) very very soon. A fresh leak from La Augie also saw debut somewhat recently -- a suspected soundtrack cut from the musical glitterfest Burlesque dubbed "Spotlight" -- is fun fluff that sounds slightly reminiscent of the Back to Basics era (which I suppose will divide those who are psyched for Xtina's new project), but there is no substitute for the real thing, and the wait is starting to literally kill me. However, depending on who you talk to, the album is already suffering from the Double D Disease (Dreaded Delay, you pervs), thanks to extended shoots for the aforementioned film. Considering we've waited as long as we have, what's a few more weeks, but really, girl? Really?

+ Disney cutie Selena Gomez took a break from her Scene during a show in her home state of Texas to cover Selena's Spanish hit "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom". Kudos goes to Sel for going outside her comfort zone to tackle such a beloved song in a language which she is not fluent as far as I can tell (I could be wrong). Sel was named after the late Mexican-American singer, and has stated many times how much of an influence she has had on her. You can check out the one-off performance here (and see rumored ex-turned-current-boyfriend Nick Jonas watching in the audience).

+ Speaking of Nick J, his record with The Administration dropped last Tuesday, and shaped up at the respectable #3 position on the Billboard Top 200, behind Lady Antebellum and Lil Wayne. The album  turned out even better than I was hoping -- and I'm in the process of drafting a proper review. While I find Weezy's high numbers somewhat surprising considering the album leaked back in December, his passionate fanbase is undeniable, and I'm sure much of the devotion is due to the clever fact that the album was released right when Weezy's set to be sentenced for jailtime. Jokes on the courts (and America) -- as his sentencing was delayed due to a dental issue. Only in America, folks. Good to see we have our priorities straight regarding people who have indeed broken the law.

+ I'm hardly a big fanatic of The Bird & The Bee but when I heard word they were putting together a album collection of Hall & Oats covers, I'm not gonna lie -- I got really excited. Who else is psyched to hear minimalist covers of "Maneater" and "Private Eyes"?

+ My girls in The Saturdays are focusing on releasing their sophomore album Wordshaker "worldwide" and attempting to truly take their sound to a place where the Girls Aloud haven't. And yet, America is still not on the to-do list. ::le sigh::
+ Information is starting to shape up regarding an upcoming Keane EP which will feature my fave new rapper K'NAAN on a handful of cuts. I've known about this project for almost a year now, so I'm so excited to see the fruit of their unexpected collaboration. Hope it lives up to the hype!

+ I have secured tickets to Marina and the Diamonds debut performance in the United States, set for this March in nearby Brooklyn. Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am for this show -- expect tons to come in terms of concert reviewage/gushing, as well as a full album review of her record, The Family Jewels, as soon as I can bang it out properly.


Aaron said...

You know...I'd love to hear what you REALLY think about John Mayer...Regardless, I try to judge only on the music, and Heartbreak Warfare is gorgeous..

Either way, can't wait for the new Sugababes album, Christina Aguilera's new album will surely be brilliant (and I'd LOVE to see it as a Double release), Selena Gomez really deserves more praise than she gets, Yay for The Saturdays - Hope we get it here - and the new Keane stuff sounds really interesting!

Myfizzypop said...

Looking forward to Keane, Bird and the Bee album (sounds immense, has to be better than the Rich Girl cover my beloved Deb Gibson put out some years back) and Christina. Still disappointed with SUgababes but liking 3.0 Wear My Kiss...

Yay! Hope you enjoy Marina :)

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