Thursday, January 07, 2010

[WGO] Oh Yes, It's Ladies' Night

+ Billboard Magazine has officially confirmed that in terms of overall 2009 sales, Taylor Swift's Fearless is officially the year's biggest seller (in the American market). Susan Boyle comes in a close second. How that woman manages to continue to sell over 100K every week is beyond staggering to me. Go on, girlfriend. Other news per Billboard: album sales are continuing to dwindle (surprised?). Silver Lining? Total music-related purchases are actually up by a few percentage points. Take that, naysayers. 

+ In the wake of the New Year's Eve specials, a lot of people seem to be talking about Jennifer Lopez's performance "bodysuit" and how risque it was. I don't about risque. I would go with "unflattering" and the epitome of a fashion don't but that's just me. Homegirl is from New York. Doesn't she know how cold it is here in January? SMH. (Sidenote: I'm still not feeling the new single, but her revival of "Waiting For Tonight" made me quite happy.)

+ I finally saw 'Nine' over the weekend. It wasn't the musical opus I desperately wanted it to be, but Kate Hudson's "Cinema Italiano" wasn't as horrific as I feared (it's actually quite a toe-tapper). My fave part of the entire film had to go to Ms. Fergie and her "Be Italian". Beyond gorge. Brava! Brava! Bellisima!

+ News is continuing to pour out fast and furious regarding upcoming album release dates, and everyone and their mother on my blog roll have been posting what records they are most looking forward to in 2010. My list of expected offenders is growing by the day, but it's very apparent that 2010 will be a Year of the Woman, with expected releases (relatively soon to boot) by the likes of Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Robyn (finally!), Nadine Coyle (and hopefully another Girls Aloud record I hoping for too much?), Ellie Goulding, Jada, Christina Aguilera (more on this later this week) and yes, Lady Gaga. My head is spinning. Literally. I think I might have died from estrogen overload. Check my pulse, please? Am I still alive? Okay...good. Of course, I still have love in my heart for the boys, in particular Travis Garland, Simon Curtis, and those involved in V Factory.

+ Speaking of excitement building, JoJo made me a very happy camper yesterday, throwing out a few song titles from her upcoming third album, All I Want Is Everything, into the Twitterverse. Those titles were: "Jumpin' Trains", "My Time Is Money" (oh snap!), "Shades", and "(I Only Know Him) In the Dark". Meow! My favorite little R&B-lette is all grown up and it makes me feel really old. But excited none-the-less.

+ On another related note, you may have heard that Róisín Murphy (pronounced Ro-Sheen for ya'll non-Irish folk) had a song leak a few days back. For the six of you who didn't hear about this (I kid...kind of), the song was/is called "Momma's Place" is the defiant anthem for a confident woman who doesn't take no ish and is sick and tired of wannabe's tryna jock her swag. Some point the finger that the song is a loving poke at The Fame Monster herself (the comparisons are kind of damning on the surface), but seeing as I'm a fan of both artists, I'd like to remain like Switzerland on this subject until this is confirmed. For now, let's just say that "Momma's Place" is one hot jam that combines today's electro swizzle with popular sonic fads of early 90's dance-pop (another comparison: "Alejandro"....yeah, I'll stop now). Considering I grew up on the La Bouches, the Ace of Baseses and the C+C Music Factorys of pop, I'm very very fangirly about the prospect of this sound becoming popular again. It also has some killer lyric lines in it. Case(s) in Point:  

  • "So you think you know it all? That's just the arrogance of youth."
  • "You think you invented being bad?"
  • "I've earned respectability. You know I have a history."
and the big kicker:
  • "It's all been done, your brand new craze. It all begun at Momma's Place."


Myfizzypop said...

i'm excited about the new sophie and kylie albums in particular. And of course a little bit eager for 8BitHeart!! Dying to see Nine still but fear it will be one of those that I wait for the dvd...

rcLoy said...

Gaga, Kylie, Sophie and Robyn? OMFG! I read somewhere the comparison of Gaga's and Roisin, I got no comments too. LOL. Anyway, that Roisin track is pretty 90's dance HOT!

Mike said...

Oh how I miss Ace of Base

J.Mensah said...

Word has it Christina's new sound is going to be electronic and pop "to a next level" kinda like what Gaga has been doing for the past year. I didn't want to say it and keep my composure but as much she has "the voice" b?tch gets on my nerves! I use to be such a huge fan, but I can't help but not like Christina 100% these days. The obnoxious long waits between albums--the dissing of Gaga. Ughhh! Sorry. :) If she outsells Britney or Lady Gaga I'll cut my wrists.

Mel said...

Paul - Ditto Ditto. Re: Nine, I think you could probably wait. I really liked Chicago (the film) so I had high hopes, but...


Mike - AGREED! I wish they'd actually reunite and release something but apparently they are pulling an ABBA and are refusing.

J - Somebody's angry today! Haha! I think its pretty safe to say she WON'T outsell Brit. Perhaps Gaga...perhaps. She did diss Gaga because Christina had been working on this sound for awhile and Gaga came out of nowhere looking JUST like her. She was hardly the first one to voice disdain regarding Gaga. I think there are many many many more obvious references of Gaga "stealing" looks (if you agree with that) including Roisin and Kerli (both perfectly good artists who tend to get overlooked and people complain that they look too much like Gaga...). Blah Blah Blah. I'd rather have someone who's legitimately talented than one who's artificially amazing. Not saying Gaga/Christina is one or the other (you know I'm such a Gaga fan!), just saying.

J.Mensah said...

Sorry for spewing all my hate on your blog like that. I've been trying to like her again for ages now and it's just not working.

Linus said...

I am ridiculously excited about Robyn's new album! Being Swedish and considering I've followed her every move since she dropped her first single here in '95 I'm having a hard time forgiving her for only releasing an album about every 4 years. But eff it, she's coming back this spring!

I don't think GA will be back this year, no matter how hard we wish. Get over it ladies, you're at your best when together!

Unknown said...

"Christina Aguilera (more on this later this week)" Later this week as in tomorrow? I'm dying for some more info on his record.

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