Monday, December 07, 2009

Candy Coated Chaos: Let You Be You

Considering my last post highlighted the talent of producer extraordinaire Jadion and his protege Simon Curtis, now would be a good time as any to mention the current exploits of the former members of Candy Coated Chaos. This will be the last time I will refer to the group as such (sob!). I, also wanted to make it known that all other post ideas (including submitted promotions) will be forced to take a backseat until I finish my Top 29 of 2(00)9 post series, which will hopefully see lift-off this week. So without further ado:

Rochella Danishei
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Ro was clearly very involved with cCc's creative development from an early stage in the group's career, co-writing several songs for the group (most notably "Ever After" -- one of my faves). Ro is currently pursuing a solo music career, and has recently premiered her first single, "Counting Down To Zero". It's the type of fuzzy pop/rock that would find solace in the soundtrack credits of 'Gossip Girl', complete with banging drums and "ooh...ah ah ah ah ah". I'm sure somewhere Leighton Meester is insanely jealous -- in fact, Ro has confirmed she's recording the song "Birthday" that first surfaced as a Leighton demo. But cCc fans need not worry that Ro is completely abandoning her shiny pop self -- "Zero" is sufficiently bubbly and catchy, and is very very good indeed. As if that wasn't enough, Ro was recently back in the studio with Jadion himself. I can't wait to hear the results!

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Brittany Pasquelina is hence forth continuing her solo music career as Pasquelina, so she will be referred to as such from here on out. Although no music has been officially premiered yet, she's been hard at work writing songs at a fierce rate. (She also co-wrote quite a bit of cCc's later material, most notably "Static".) She has recently uploaded the following video of a recent photo shoot with Shelby Chan (who shot several of cCc's promo photographs) which features new solo material in the background toward the end. All sounds very promising!

Stephanie Ugaro
Steph seems to be the lone former member of cCc who is not actively pursuing a solo music career. She is instead in pursuit of acting/modeling. She was signed to One Source Talent Management back in September, and has already booked a campaign as the face of Caffeine Culture Clothing's new line. You can check out her resume/portfolio here, and see several of her Caffeine Culture Clothing photos (ironically another cCc) at the company's main website.

No matter the girls' direction, I feel it's important to support all three of these talented young ladies -- not just because they deserve the support, but because they were and are three geniunely sweet young women who I'm proud to call my friends. I find their decision to disband disheartening to say the least, but the positive thing to come out of this situation is we now have thrice Candy Coated and Chaotic personalities to look forward to! And fun fact: "Static" was recently featured during the MTV premiere of their new show "Jersey Shore". Appropriate, as all three girls are from New Jersey themselves. ;)


Myfizzypop said...

Nice to know what the girls are up to - I've followed Ro but none of the others. I can't wait for a debut album from her, but 8 bit heart first please!!

J.Mensah said...

I'm in love with Rochella

Mel said...

Paul - Ditto. I'm super psyched for Ro's debut, but after hearing Britt's new stuff, I'm so excited for hers too!

J - Were you into CCC when they were together? I can send you some tracks if you want. :)

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