Thursday, November 19, 2009

What to Expect

The job life has been a bit hectic at the mo', and I will be returning via train to my hometown next week to spend time with with the fam for Thanksgiving (for international friends, read: a day when your whole family gets together to stuff your face with turkey, etc.), so forgive me if updates are sparser than I want. Here's a general idea of what I hope to push out in the next two weeks:

-The Fame Monster thoughts (not a real review, because I don't have much bad to say about it, hint hint, clue clue).

-Formal review of OneRepublic's Waking Up.

-Formal review of Kid Sister's Ultraviolet.

-Yet another 'Clash of the BoyBands' post.

-A "secret" three or four post special about a subject that I believe only Nikki knows about.

-A few fresh interviews with people I don't want to give away just yet -- one of which will correlate to three fresh articles with related artists (does that give away too much? I hope not!).

-A return to my old radio-formated WGO's.

-Linkage to my shared interview with the aforementioned Nikki with Agnes Carlsson thanks to Pop+Nation.


John said...

Nice..something to look forward to! Keep up the great work.

Nikki said...

What 3 or 4 posts that only I know about? Really? Can't remember.

Nikki said...

On second thoughts, I THINK I know what those posts are about. I THINK.

Mel said...

Haha! Oh the mystery. Hint: we talked about it on Twitter.

Myfizzypop said...

I look forward to all of that :) But mostly you getting some R&R with the fam :) Aces.

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