Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[WGO] Nuggets of News & More

As I stated yesterday, I was away for a week and it feels like a year in terms of pertinent music musings. Here is the Cliff Notes version. Things I wish to expand on more will see their own posts throughout the rest of the week.

+ The "Halloween" Hot 100 Top 10:
1. Jay Sean - Down (feat. Lil Wayne)
2. Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say
3. Miley Cyrus - Party In the USA
4. Jay-Z - Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)
5. Britney Spears - 3
6. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (AIRPLAY GAINER)
7. Owl City - Fireflies
8. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
9. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (DIGITAL GAINER)
10. Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

+ While Jay Sean's "Down" has recaptured the #1 on spot away from Ms. Britney's "3" this past week, the Black Eyed Peas are aiming to have a third #1 off of The E.N.D. "Meet Me Halfway" bounced into the Top 10 this past week at #9, back to back with former ruler of the #1 spot with an iron fist, "I Gotta Feeling" at #8. And if you're like me, and have been watching Major League Baseball over the past few days, you've probably seen their DirectTV whoring to the tune of the song a down-right irritating amount of times. It's not that I'm suddenly against the fact that 2009 is clearly the Year of the Peas, it's just that whenever an artist/album completely dominates, the media tends to forget about all the other great records that come out. The weird thing is, it's not like the BEP are all over the television or concert stages. Which is why the chart provalence leaves me kind of scratching my head. Plus, I'm bitter that "Rock That Body" or "Missing You" wasn't chosen over the (IMO) somewhat snooze-y "Halfway." ::sigh:: In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before Miley or Jason DeRulo also rule the top spot.

+ Many tracks from many major artists have seen some leakage as of late, but I gotta throw it to Lady Gaga. Her The Fame re-release, slated for release in late November, is clearly going to be monster in-deed. "Bad Romance" may be "Poker Face," (Part 2), and the "muh muh" bits may be a bit like beating a dead horse in terms of Gaga-isms, but I think it will not surprise you that this has seen a ridiculous amount of plays on my iPod since word of it's leak was announced. Ditto that to fellow new track (and potential single) "Alejandro (Don't Call My Name)". The song has sparked an Ace of Base revival within me that makes me nostaglic for my single digit years when pop was completely guilt-less. I saw the sign, indeed.

+ Gagaliciousness aside, the other big release this past week was the world premiere of Rihanna's 'comeback' single "Russian Roulette", the dark, haunting debut single from her upcoming album Rated R, due for release the same date as Gaga's re-release. From go, it's very apparent it's one of those songs that you either love or loathe upon first listen, but I'm kind of in the middle. Sure, it's gorgeous in it's eagerness to prove Rihanna is more than a pretty face (which seems a bit strange to me, considering the fact she didn't write the thing, Ne-Yo did), but the lyrics seem a bit callous considering her February fallout with Chris Brown. I suppose that was the intended perception, so this is to prove Rihanna is still healing, but still capable of hitting her viewers between the eyes. Should this be the case, I say touche to her and Def Jam, but speaking from a music critic's perspective, I'm more than a little disappointing. After the incredibleness that was "Disturbia" (the song was #2 on my list of Top 28 Songs of 2008, so I'm rather partial to it), and the general epicness that was Good Girl Gone Bad, I'm starting to find "Russian Roulette" a supreme gamble in itself. It doesn't sound like a first single, especially not from someone who is known for her upbeat material. I'm not ruling her out by any means, and given the current industry custom of spinning "buzz singles" first, we may all be thrown for a loop by how Rated R will turn out. But as for "Roulette", let's just say I'm bemused. That's a good way to put it. I'm sure it will be a "grower" and all that, but...::sigh::

+ On a Side Note: a sad part of me likes to hold grudges against celebrities that I don't even know, so I really didn't want to even listen to Chris Brown's new buzz single, "I Can Transform Ya" (featuring the ridiculously ubiquitous and now the potentially soon-to-be-incarcarated Lil Wayne). But I did, and I have to admit I'm hooked. So perhaps, I can get over myself and listen to him again. I've been a fan since "Run It", but I doubt I'll ever truly forgive what he's done, not necessarily because I'm a Rihanna fan, but because I'm a woman. Still, the song is hot. It's nothing new, but it's certainly more fun to listen to than "Russian Roulette".

+ My new absolute favorite UK trio, Red Blooded Women, have unleashed upon the world a brand new single in addition to their lovely spruced up MySpace page. It's called "Halo", and if you're expecting some kind of Ryan Tedder mid-tempo ballad anthem, you can sit the eff down. "Halo" is absolutely everything that I love about the UK electro market right now, and if this doesn't lead to the big things that these sweethearts deserve, I don't really know what does. Fingers crossed this will lead to a full album release very soon. ::stamps foot::

+ Speaking of albums that are long overdue, Simon Curtis has taken to his Twitter to announce he's hard at work with longtime collaborator (and former producer extraordinaire for my lovelies in the former Candy Coated Chaos) Jadion to whip up a brand new album's worth of tracks that should see imminent release. In fact, he's feeling so generous that once his Twitter reaches 6,000 followers, he will release his new single, "Delusional", for free. So spread the word, Melismatic-ites...

+ I'm really starting to get into lil miss Livvi Franc. Enough said.

+ 'Glee' has become so omnipresent, it's starting to scare me. As Paul so elocuently put it, it's kind of becoming the Lady Gaga of new American television. Billboard recently announced it has tied the juggarnaut that is 'Hannah Montana' in terms of Hot 100 chart entries this past year, the cast is slated to sing the National Anthem during one of the World Series games, a soundtrack album will be dropping before year's end, and word is starting to circulate that the cast may be featured on a major venue, multi-city tour in 2010. My head is starting to spin at the possibilities.

+ I've listened to Shakira and Dragonette's new records, and adore what I hear. I've also listened to most to Selena Gomez & The Scene's album and am surprisingly semi-impressed by the material. I've yet to listen to Alexandra Burke or Cheryl Cole's records, but I promise to do so...at some point. Word seems to be quite mixed regarding those two depending on who I talk to, so...we will see.


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