Saturday, October 17, 2009

Janet Prepares A New Hits Package

...and I am beyond psyched.

Yes, I suppose as a Janet Jackson fan, a "greatest hits" package shouldn't make me that excited, considering I am already familiar with all of the tracks, but I can't help but be reminded of just how much Ms. Jackson has achieved in her many years in the pop market. Her brother may be the quintessential King of Pop, and perhaps Madonna is the official Queen, but to call Janet anything less than the worthy Dutchess of Pop would be a great misnomer.

Simply reading the tracklisting of this upcoming hits package, appropriately dubbed Number Ones when it will be released in the US this November (a nod to Michael's hits package of the same name), is both a walk down memory lane and a firm reminder of just how talented and versatile a musician she really is.

It is also a firm reminder of just how lovely her latest track, "Make Me", produced by the legendary Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins himself, is to the ear: as it's a great sum-up of what makes Janet incredible. She's soft, she's hard, she's rough, she's sensative, she's electro, she's r&B, she's midtempo, she's uptempo, she's everything in between. And no one can do it like Ms. Nasty can.

The two disc set will include all of my Janet faves, and I urge all of you who are even a little bit unfamiliar with her material to take some time to digest this set when it is released. I'm sure you'll find at the very least at least five songs you find enjoyable, as Janet has a little bit for everyone.

Tracklisting as reported by Billboard Magazine is set to be:

1. What Have You Done For Me Lately*
2. Nasty*
3. When I Think Of You
4. Control*
5. Let's Wait Awhile [Single Remix Version]
6. The Pleasure Principle
8. Miss You Much*
9. Rhythm Nation*
10. Escapade
11. Alright [7" Video Version w/Rap]
12. Come Back To Me
13. Black Cat [Video Mix/Short Solo Single Version]
14. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
15. The Best Things In Life Are Free- LUTHER VANDROSS and JANET JACKSON with special guests BBD and RALPH TRESVANT
16. That's The Way Love Goes*

1. If
2. Again*
3. Because Of Love
4. Any Time, Any Place
6. Runaway*
7. Got 'Til It's Gone - Featuring Q-TIP and JONI MITCHELL
8. Together Again
9. I Get Lonely - JANET featuring BLACKSTREET
10. Go Deep*
11. What's It Gonna Be?! - BUSTA RHYMES featuring JANET
12. Doesn't Really Matter
13. All For You Video [Single Mix]
14. Someone To Call My Lover
15. All Nite (Don't Stop)*
16. Call On Me - JANET with NELLY
17. Feedback*
18. Make Me

Songs marked with an * are among Mel's absolute favorites.


John said...

I am loving this track listing. I may buy the discs, just to have them in the car for road trips and that type of thing. And "Make Me" is such a great song, too. Sadly, it won't get any Top 40 play.

J.Mensah said...

JANET RULES!!! Love her so much. She comes third in the top 3 women of which if anything happened to I would cut myself (1. Britney 2. Mariah 3. Janet)

Anyhoo! All Nite (Don't Stop) is among my favorites from her, I've been listening to that a lot lately, but "I Get Lonely" is an all time favorite--I use to think that was the best song ever recorded (this was like a year ago lol). Doesn't that get a star?

I'm looking forward to this new collection. I would probably be buying it if there wasn't so many of them coming out this fall (Britney, Ne-Yo and a couple others).

We need to have a lengthy conversation about Janet one day!

Mel said...

John -- True that!! "Make Me" is so much better than most of her last album. ::sigh:: And the way Darkchild's talking, I think this new record of new material is gonna be soooo amazing.

J - I can't believe we HAVEN'T had a proper discussion about Ms. Jackson yet! "All Nite" is a lot of fun to dance to, and "I Get Lonely" is great too, but I'm so fond of her older material that I just feel like it can't compare. But really, any Janet song is already a million times better than most of the schlock on the radio now. Haha!

Myfizzypop said...

what a great tracklisting. If is my fave Janet song of all time. I do a mean karaoke version. True story!

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