Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brand New Everything.

So much to say, but it would be stupid to break all this up into separate blog posts. Hence the traditional bullet post of nugget news:
  • I know everyone's already talking about it, but my thoughts on Britney's new single, "3", will probably go live later in the week sometime.

  • As for what's coming up in my neck of the woods, I have worked out questions for three VERY BIG interviews thanks to my lovely connection with the incredible POP+Nation, which now has it's own domain name -- update your links! I can't tell you just who they are with just yet, but to give you a few hints: one is a frontrunner on a current television music competition, the second is an unsigned stunner with lyrics that pack a serious punch, and the third is an INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. Keep it locked.

  • Jay-Z's new single with Alicia Keys that premiered on the VMA's is officially my new staple jam to listen to on the subway ride in to work every morning. As cliched as it sounds, it amps me up. Plus, I am from the Empire State. :)

  • Paramore's new album was released yesterday, the same day as Mariah's new disc. It's looking like Paramore may take it from Ms. Mimi this time 'round. After listening to the Paramore disc a few times over, I'm here to say it's quite good. I won't go into full length review mode for it, as it's nowhere near as instantly catchy-incredible as their prior effort Riot!, but it is still a worthy effort. Unfortunate though that "Ignorance" is really the best cut on the disc and its already been released as the first single. Hmmm.

  • Aaron Carter is kicking serious ass on "Dancing With the Stars". I never ever thought I'd be blown away by that kid, but I have to give credit where it's due. I've seen him live in concert once and was ridiculously NOT impressed, and even spent quite a bit of time with him in person in which I was virtually ignored as he attempted to hit on my older (and let's face it, cuter) friends in Soluna. He even used my cellphone to speak to one of my friends. True story. I know you're so impressed (::insert eyeroll here::). But I suppose I'll save that story for a separate post. Anywho, I heard his new cut with Flo Rida and it needs to be said: while the song is familiar and predictable pop fare, that background is complete fire. It's one of those songs that if you heard it and didn't know who sung it, you'd be like, "Yeah, this is definitely a radio-ready cut." Then you hear it's Aaron Carter, and you're suddenly outtie.

  • I saw "Fame" this past weekend. I definitely recommend it to those of you who eat up movie musicals like candy like I do. But I am here to warn: if you are expecting Emmy-winning acting performances, maybe you should sit it out. The acting's a bit stiff (but didn't you really see that coming?) but the vocal talent that is there is very good, especially Ms. Naturi Naughton. I found myself feeling a bit bad for Asher Book, as the girls behind me thought everything he did was hilarious in a bad way. Apparently they aren't as "Love Struck" with V Factory as I am/was/continue to be.

  • I find myself constantly pressing the hypothetical "repeat" button on my iPod whenever Cascada's "Evacuate the Dancefloor" comes up. Just thought I'd share.

  • Attention (former) Candy Coated Chaos fans: Rochella Danishei's Facebook Fan page is officially live, and contains lots of new, firey pictures, including a set of pics with a guitar (considering she's pop/rock now). She looks predictably drop-dead gorgeous, as always, so check it out and leave her some love. In other cCc news, Brittany Pasquelina is also hard at work on new material which we should be hearing about soon, and her official website is also in development, which you can reach for now here. She also has a few new photos to check out. These girls are so cute, its' kind of criminal.

  • Speaking of cute, Travis Garland has premiered a new "cover" of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams", dubbed "Beautiful Nightmare" on his MySpace page this week. I know that some of you may be cringing at that idea, as I was when I first heard about it on Twitter. But I should have trusted my Travy-instincts from go that it would be "Not Like Them" (Bad joke? Fine. They can't all be winners, people.), as it is predictably lovely, and makes me salivate even more over his full album. Truthfully, that boy could sing the phone book to me and I'd still be a very happy camper, but I suppose that's beside the point...

  • My girls in Jada have dropped a brand spankin' new single this week, called "Break Up Song." If "American Cowboy" and it's RedOne electrosmashing-ness wasn't for you, "BUS" may be for you. It's much more of a laidback, R&B-twinged type tune, and shows off just how vocally talented these girls are. And if it means anything, it's already spun quite a few times on my iPod and has only been out for a few days. :) I'm hoping this helps lead to an actual physical record release for Jada, as when I last spoke to them, they were looking at a September 22nd release...

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