Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All the Right Moves (In All the Wrong Faces)

...and yeah, Mel's going down.

OneRepublic has unleashed their brand spanking new single, "All the Right Moves", the first off their sophomore effort, titled Waking Up, the followup to the 2007 very successful Dreaming Out Loud.

Sonically speaking, "All the Right Moves" is nothing new from the band's frontman, Ryan Tedder, who has been racking up hits in the writing and production department left and right since the spotlight on OneRepublic started to wane by mid 2008.

While I've always been a fan of OneRepublic since I first heard "Apologize" back in 2007, my thoughts on Tedder have considerably shifted due to his alleged douchebaggery in the fact that many of his tracks now seem like generic copies of Beyonce's "Halo", the first of his penned collabos to hit the market earlier this year. The most vocal offense was to Kelly Clarkson with her current single "Already Gone". Kelly has gone on a literal rampage against Mr. Tedder, who has become for lack of a better comparison this year's Timbaland in terms of the big hot get. There is no question the songs song ridiculously similar, and I give props to Clarkson for stating her disdain for the choice of the song as a single by her camp (clearly done as a publicity move). During the performance of the song at Divas, she instead went a very vocally raw and acoustically-stripped down performance of the song, making its similarity to "Halo" virtually unrecognizable.

Still, "All The Right Moves" has its hooks on me just like the majority of Tedder's former glory tracks, including Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love", Blake Lewis's "End of the World", NLT's "Karma", Nikki Flores' "Could You Ever Love Me That Way", and Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield". There is no question that he is the king of modern-day mid-tempo pop, and I don't think that status is going to be stripped of him anytime soon, no matter how hard Clarkson tries.

"All the Right Moves" is a crafted mixture of what made OneRepublic so interesting and what makes Tedder so successful today. It's one part piano and strings-driven "Apologize" (complete with Timbaland-inspired beats) and two parts military-esque "Battlefield." It's vintage Tedder and modern Tedder wrapped into a pretty package with familiar wrapping. He's not breaking down barriers with this, but I think that suits the OneRepublic boys just fine.

However, this time round, OneRepublic has much more competition in the mod-rock/adult-contemp department. Kings of Leon were not a major player back in 2007, and neither was Jason Mraz (to this extent), Matt Kearney, or Parachute. Only time will tell, but as far as my opinion goes: I dig it. Sorry, Kelly.

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Myfizzypop said...

I'm ambivalent about the success of One Tree Republic but I'm with you on the fact that Ryan Tedder knows how to bat a rather brillo midtempo song out the ballpark. However, I think those skills will only last so long before - like with Timbaland - people get bored :( I wonder what magic Ryan could do with a big disco number a la Robbie Williams penning Your Disco Needs You?

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