Monday, August 24, 2009

Forever Is Fading Away

My dear friends in Saturdays fanship, the time has come.

In true pop form, the ladies Satz have wasted no time in striking the iron while it's hot, and their brand new single off their upcoming sophomore album, entitled "Forever Is Over", made it's debut on a radio station in the UK. Let the squeeing begin!

What makes this such a good gift is the fact that I was not even expecting a new single so soon, seeing as "Work" was only released not that long ago. In fact, if what I hear is true, the song isn't even due for formal release till October. How's that for torture?

If you were expecting something like "If This Is Love", "Up", "Issues" or "Work", you're in for a serious disappointment. However, if you're ready (if) for Saturdays 2.0, which is a mashup of all these excellent singles with something dark and eerie and new but still familiar (complete with crunchy electric guitar), you're pretty much getting Christmas in August.

The song is excellent. It highlights the group's vocals perfectly (and after hearing their iTunes Live Mini Disc and some rather sour notes, this helps reassure my fandom of these girls). The song was written by James Bourne, formerly of Busted fame (who wrote the Jonas Brothers cover "breakthrough"/comic masterpiece "Year 3000") and was produced by Watters and Biancaniello, who brought us Jordin Sparks' epic "Battlefield." And that equals a superb concoction of fabulosity that I can't even begin to accurately explain.

I'm sure those girls are tired of the Girls Aloud comparisons by now, but this has a distinct GA feel -- not in sound, but in career-track. GA had a grand, splashy introduction before seguing into a more reputable but still very pop transitition. However, it finally does something that GA hasn't been able to totally nail -- each girl is allowed to sing in a powerful way that complements their respective vocal chops. ('Cept we all know who the star of the show is in this one: Vanessa, you go, girl! Although, I dig Mollie's bit during the pre-choruses too.)

"Forever Is Over" is sure to be a nod toward very big things, and if this isn't their first number one, what will be?


Nikki said...

I agree 100%!

Took a few hours to properly sink in but I'm sure glad it did!

Myfizzypop said...

Please help me. I just don't get it. I want to get it. But it is passing me by. What am I missing?!

Linus said...

I was really hoping they'd release a new "Up" or "If This Is Love", but I must say this new track is growing on me. Want a new album now!

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