Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rare Boy Band Sighting in Times Square

Fangirls, you may wanna sit down for this one, as this was a total semi-starstruck moment for me -- and I suppose you'd want to live vicariously through me for that second. Hence this retelling:

This past Friday, I was walking around Times Square, entertaining my Aunt who had come to visit me to check out my downtown apartment for the first time since I've moved in. We were just talking while walking, and I look ahead of me to see a young man who looks very familiar, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why. It's that weird sense of deja-vu that hits you and you feel like you have some kind of memory disease because you know you know them from somewhere, you just can't remember where.

That has happened a few times to me here -- seeing celebrities (well, more like quasi-celebrities) and going into shellshock because you know you just saw somebody but who it can't really place.

Anywho, I knew he was from some boy band, obviously not a band I was particularly into if I couldn't remember his name right off the bat. I kind of smile to myself, but there's no point bringing it up to my aunt who gabbered on to me earlier that day about how egotistical Kenan Wurst is. ::rolls eyes:: (" mean Kanye West?")

So, we keep walking, and I'm listening to one of my aunt's work stories, when I literally walk right into this young dark-haired-ish guy, who couldn't have been much taller than me (and I'm 4'11). He touches my arm and says, "Excuse me, are you alright?" His voice had a destinct hispanic accent.

A blonde boy with too much hair product that he was walking with says, "Wow, you slammed right into her. You sure you're okay?"

The voice sounded very familiar. I looked over at him.

It was Justin "JJ" Thorne. If that name doesn't ring bells to you, he used to be the blonde member of NLT. Then it clicked. The boy from before, and the boy he was walking with that I walked into -- Chris Moy and Jose Bordonanda, formerly of (the new) Menudo. I had inadvertently stumbled upon 3/4 of new "super boy band" One Call. If the fourth (newbie "AG") was with them, I didn't notice him. Sorry, buddy.

(For those of you who aren't as familiar: in the back -- AG & Chris; sitting -- Jose; standing in the foreground -- Justin)

The group was in town probably because they had a show the following day in New Jersey, their last before a month of presumable lockdown rehersals before joining Kristinia DeBarge as opening acts for the return of Britney Spears' "Circus" tour to North America.

A part of me was secretly hoping that I would catch a glimpse of former NLT-er V Sevani (and his brother Adam) as "Step Up 3D" has just begun filming not far from my apartment (or so they say...I've yet to see any actual film crews). So...this will have to do to fulfill the hole in my heart that was created ever since I heard word of NLT's passing as a band.

When I saw JJ's face, the inner 12-year-old fangirl inside of me wanted to say in a high pitched voice, "YOU'RE JJ FROM NLT!".

I'm glad I refrained. He probably would have thought badly of me.

Their MySpace page has been spruced up quite a bit since I've last checked in on them, but there's still no official music. I'm guessing it will be unveiled quite soon in light of the tour with Britney. You can check it out here.

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you luckyy (: i wish that would happpen to me ;)

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