Tuesday, June 02, 2009

[WGO] I'm on the Next Ish Now...

It's been more than a month since I've looked at the state of radio, so I think I'm overdue.

Upcoming Releases Worthy of Salivating Over (Potentially):
Disney B-lister Mitchel Musso (who plays Miley's guy BFF on Hannah Montana)'s debut effort is set for release today, Tuesday, June 2nd. Could provide some good poppy tunes in that "let's not tell anyone" kind of way...Black Eyed Peas' long awaited "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)" record will hit stores on June 9th, on the back of several leaked tracks...

The Brothers Jonas will release their fourth album, Lines Vines and Trying Times, on June 16th as Jonas Mania starts to "wane" (in the USA, at least). Is this why they are "Paranoid" all of a sudden?...Diddy is set to release his "hyped" new mixtape album, We Invented the Remix 2, (and by hyped I mean as in hyped by him) on June 23, 2009. However, he played a few snippets of his upcoming Last Train to Paris during "Making the Band" this past season and I have to say I was intrigued...even though it did feel a little Kanye "Heartbreak"-rip off ish...

June 30th sees the release of new records by Killswitch Engage, Kiss, Moby, LeToya, Brad Paisley and even a new Now! compilation (even in though it feels like they just released one...didn't they?).

Over on radio: BEP's "Boom Boom Pow" continues to dominate both the Hot 100 AND the Top 40 and Rhythmic radio formats. However, Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" is a formiddable opponent on other formats, as it is the #1 song on Active Rock, Alternative and Rock stations. Other radio #1's include The Fray's new single "You Found Me" at Hot AC, K'Jon's "On the Ocean" on Urban AC, Dave Matthews Band's "Funny The Way It Is" on AAA, Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" on Urban, Brad Paisley's "Then" on Country and Taylor Swift's "Love Story" on Adult Contemporary.

As it stands now, Jordin Sparks incredibly adorable Ryan Tedder-written anthem, "Battlefield", is the most added song to the Top 40 radio format. Just yesterday I heard it three times in the span of three hours on Z100. This is gonna be a big one.

Now, on the Top 40 Chart, Lady Gaga and her "Poker Face" finally seem to be losing a little bit of momentum (which is probably a good thing because it's always too bad when an awesome song gets overplayed), slipping by about 600 spins since last week. It is however still #2. Her latest single here in the US, "LoveGame", also lands at #21, and is gaining at a fierce rate of almost 18%. It's almost a shame I prefer the European single "Paparazzi" but alas, I'm guessing it's time will come.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Beyonce's "Halo" (on a big rise, even though this song feels ridiculously old to me now), Jamie Foxx's "Blame It!" and Shinedown's "Second Chance" which is proving to be a great crossover smash.

Miley Cyrus continues to "climb", moving to #7 this week, and gaining spins at a rate of 14.7%. Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)", which seems to be played all the time here on Z100, makes a huge jump this week to #11 (up from #18), and gaining at rate of almost 20%, it will soon be breaking the 5K spins a week rate on Mediabase. P!NK's latest, "Please Don't Leave Me" lands at #16, gaining a good 400 spins this past week.

The little engine (out of nowhere) that certainly can, Kristinia DeBarge, and her killer single "Goodbye" bounces up into the Top 20 at radio, landing at #18 and gaining at almost 15% in spins. Her labelmate, Jessie James, who is another new fave of mine, lands at #30 with "Wanted" up two spots and increasing at a rate of more than 20%.

The Ting Ting's may finally see some much deserved success thanks to the almost archaic at this point single "That's Not My Name" landing them at #28 (same as last week). They are however increasing at a rate of almost 12% in spins.

Ne-Yo, Daughtry, Keri Hilson, All-American Rejects and Rob Thomas all sit in the #30-40 with their mediocre singles. Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" is up ten this week at #40, but is gaining fast, tripling its airplay in one week.

Eminem, despite his album's chart success on the 200, saw a major dive at CHR radio this week, with "We Made You" diving from #29 to #42.

My boys in V Factory also saw a minor dip in airplay this week with "Love Struck" still struggling to crack the Top 40 at #43. The Veronicas continue to have a similar problem with "Take Me On the Floor" sitting just behind the boys.

Seether's strange but wonderful cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper" lands at #46. David Guetta's electrolicious duet with DC3's Kelly Rowland "When Love Takes Over" lands at #48, gaining 100 spins in a week. David Cook's "Come Back To Me", despite being the #1 video on the Vh1 Video Countdown this past week, lands at #49. And the Pussycat Dolls' latest, "Hush Hush", climbs six places to crack the Top 50, and is gaining by almost 50%. The song is played crazy often here in New York...so I'm guessing the rest of the country will catch up soon...

Other Notables from other Formats:
-On the Rhythmic Chart, Canadian rapper Drake (who I know best as Aubrey Graham, an actor who played Jimmy Brooks on that guilty pleasure of a teensoap drama "Degrassi: The Next Generation"...doesn't that pull on your street cred? Still...) has major hit potential with "Best I Ever Had" landing at #10 and increasing by almost 34%. It's also #9 on the Urban format...
-The Paradiso Girls, whose raunchy single "Patron Tequila" brings us the return of Lil Jon (Whaaaaat? Yeeeeah! Ahh...the memories of 2004) and has appealed to the Girlicious fan deep down inside of me, lands at #39 on the Rhythmic chart, up from #45 last week and gaining at a rate of more than 40%.
-The latest Pitbull single, "Hotel Room Service", broke the Top 50 of the Rhythmic chart this week, landing at #49 and gaining at a rate of almost 162%. Dang.
-Linkin Park's latest single, which will also be featured in the upcoming Transformers sequel, lands at #8 on the Active Rock format to be the biggest gainer in the format's Top 50.
-Gloriana's "Wild At Heart" holds strong on the Country format at #23, down just one spot from last week, but still gaining by 3%.


John said...

Pitbull's gotta be kickin' himself that the album's taking so long to come out. Then again, will anything more than singles sell outside of the 305? And how 'bout that Eminem single stiffing?

There may be buzz on the "Paparazzi" video, but I doubt that song will ever be released as a single here. I'm betting single #4 will be "Eh Eh".

Mel said...

You really think? I love "Paparazzi". "Eh Eh" is just eh eh to me. I know it was released in Australia...but is so different from the rest of her stuff...maybe that's a good thing?

And for Em -- zzzzzz. I'm so over him. It's the same old shtick. If he got back to making music that mattered and not this ripping off and making fun of others, itd be a different story, but I think he isn't in the right place mentally to go at the industry again. Not right now.

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