Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Boots: My Heart Collides With Your Remedy

It's hard for me to explain the appeal Little Boots has on me (and indeed, the vast majority of the pop blogosphere - it seems). Let me start by saying, she isn't really breaking "new" ground, but what she does bring to the table is done the right way. On the surface, I fear she will get lumped in to the post-Lady Gaga mania that seems to have taken over the USA, when they are very VERY different. My love for Gaga aside, her sound is most definitely a comprimise of electro with commercial pop. Little Boots does not compromise with her electro sizzle, which makes her much more awe-inducing.

I have been a fan of Boots for a few years now, back when she was the voice of Dead Disco, a UK alt-pop-rock-garage-electro mixture that was utterly amazing and totally underrated. When I heard word that the group had split up, I was so upset -- especially when the rumors went round that Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots) wanted to strike out on her own because the other girls (Lucy Catherwood and Marie France) felt Vic was a little too "pop" for them -- thus the formation of the other two's group: Video Villian.

While I feel VV is also quite good, I found myself being drawn to Boots because of my unshakable love for good pop. The result, Hands, is by far the most solid of all of the albums released this past year. Every song is listenable, every song is good in its own way, and each has a potential market for airplay.

What breaks my heart the most is that I know America just won't get her. The comparisons to Lady Gaga and Goldfrapp are going to be imminent, and the obvious lack of promotion in my native land already proves to me that the big USA just isn't ready for Little Boots. I dream of a day when we will be.

I've put off writing a review because it's hard to think critically when you like every song. So in short:

New In Town:
One of my favorite songs out right now. After listening to the rest of the album, it's probably the most commercially friendly song of the entire set (in a pop breaking in the US kind of way, I mean). Bright and cheery and fun to dance to.

Strong lyrics, catchy as hell.

Stuck On Repeat:
The song that calmed my fears about Boots going solo.

Not as electro. Just as amazing.

Yes, it's produced by RedOne. Yes, it really is as good as everyone's been saying. Haunting and incredible. And for those who are saying its too Gaga -- I'm a Gaga fan, and Gaga is no where NEAR this. And you know what, Vic? Dancing is my remedy, remedy, too.

The more urban(ish) track of the album. Still freaking amazing.

My only complaint is the background is more prominent than her vocals -- but the looped vocals make this very dark and hanting...The melody line reminds me of something from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" film.

Very 80's. It's arguable that these are her most clever lyrics.

One of the more stripped down songs on the record, and shows just how good of a vocalist she really is. It features Philip Oakey of 80's band Human League ("Don't You Want Me, Baby? Don't You Want Me...Oooh!-oh!").

Tune Into My Heart:
Strip out the synth and its very 80's pure teen pop.

Hearts Collide:
Ties with "Remedy" for my favorite song on the album. It's dark, hypnotic, swirly and intense. And its produced by Biff Stannard. Ney I say more.

No Brakes:
Another Stannard production. Not as epic as "Hearts Collide" but still very good in a different way. Very metaphorical.

So, there you have it. Go get it. The best songs? "New In Town", "Remedy", "Meddle", "Hearts Collide" and "Stuck on Repeat". But by best I mean "slightly better" than the rest, because all of the songs are the best. It's really that good.

FYI - I have a few Dead Disco songs if anyone is interested. If you dig Little Boots, you might dig DD too. Let me know.


Talia said...

Dead Disco were amazing. I found them randomly on myspace and it turned out Vic and I went to school together briefly. I love her as Little Boots but thought New In Town was a bad single choice. I'm all about the Mathematics and Hearts Collide. Only one I don't really like is Tune Into My Heart.

Myfizzypop said...

i think you summed this up quite well. She's not breaking new ground here, but she does bring an album of great pop tunes with a quirky edge to the table. I think Remedy is a great choice for second single, even if it does channel the thematic lyrics of Heartbreak Makes Me A Dancer.

Off to check out what i can on dead disco now!!

John said...

"Remedy" is absolutely brilliant, and "Symmetry" is stunning. The whole CD is terrific, and I've got fingers crossed for some success here in the US. I've said it before, but I can see "New In Town" making some noise at Hot AC, if not actual pop stations.

Myfizzypop said...

it is indeed actually a brilliant kylie album, n'est pas?

Ken said...

I love you for this! Amazing,

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