Monday, June 01, 2009

Little Boots Comes To America?

I'm unsure if this is older news or not, but it is certainly news to me -- Atlantic Records, a division of Warner Music Group, has announced today they will be reviving their old Elektra Records imprint, and it will be under the watchful gaze of John Janick, who was the founder of the Fueled By Ramen imprint (which is often notated for its association with the most successful emo bands: Fall Out Boy, Panic(!) At the Disco and Paramore). Past Elektra artists include 10,000 Maniacs, Bad Company, Better than Ezra, Bjork, Natalie Cole, The Cure, The Doors, Missy Elliot, my girl Etta James, Jet, Huey Lewis, Joni Mitchell, Moby, Motley Crue and many many others.

The first three signees have also been announced -- the most important to the three to this blog: former Dead Disco-er Little Boots! Her single, "Stuck On Repeat", hasn't done much to crack the charts here in the UK despite its moderate success in the UK, but Billboard Magazine is reporting that Ms. Boots's debut album, Illuminations, is set for release on June 9th through Elektra. That's next week! So -- good news for American electro fans! I hope Elektra keeps up their plucking of UK synth acts -- could be good news for us!

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Myfizzypop said...

hurrah for the boots :) Good ol victoria :) I'm eager for her debut album. can't wait for her to be even more massive in the uk. She's playing Arjanwrite's super"fraiche" show (hate that name, great line up though) in NYC soon i think?!

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