Saturday, March 07, 2009

You Gon' Be In the Emergency Room...

I did you wrong, girl (wrong, girl)
Had a couple numbers in my phone, girl (numbers in my phone, girl)
But we been in this relationship too long, girl
For you to be listening to your silly home girls

You better go on, girl
Now, baby think about it
Everything we do, they gonna read about it
Put it on the radio and TV outlet
Do you wanna see your picture in that paper?
You know them haters...

You hear that 808
The drum... that's my heartbeat
I'm going numb
I said, "Rihanna, I'm feelin' stressed"
"I'm goin' into cardiac arrest"


Those lyrics above are from the Mario song, "Emergency Room", slated to feature Rhianna. The demo leaked just before the fiasco that was the Chrianna drama, and prior to that, there were whispers it might be a new single for Mario. I have to say, the song is one hot jam, but now, its in jeopardy of even being included on Mario's upcoming fourth album. People say the lyrics hit a little too close to home for Rhianna. That hasn't stopped the song from spinning a ridiculous amount on my iTunes.

FYI - the female singing in the recording IS NOT the actual Rhianna, but are actually of up and coming singer Pricilla Renae.

I bring this track up not just because its banging, but because the official details regarding the night of the aforementioned drama have officially come to light, and Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies based on the attack, and rumors are swirling that this is not the first time he has threatened Rhianna. I refuse to put stock in any rumor until is no longer a rumor, but truth. Which is why the details of that particular night officially being released are even more disturbing, as they are real.

New "news" on the drama continues to pour out seemingly on the hour. Rhianna's father is claiming she is freezing her family out, yet her representation confirmed that she will testify against Chris if she is supeoned (do you think she will be?). Then there is the never-ending predictions that Rhianna is pregnant, or the two have secretly gotten married. I've also heard that the two will go on a tour promoting domestic abuse awareness in an attempt to salvage Chris's singing career. ::shakes head::

I don't know what to believe.

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