Thursday, February 12, 2009

[WGO] Disturbia, Idol, JB and Dancing With the Stars...

-As expected, the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama just gets juicier and more upsetting by the minute. I don't know what to believe, but the rumors surrounding, not just that illfated night, but their entire relationship, draw your attention like nothing we've seen since Britney's breakdown. PopEater has created a list of the Top 10 rumors surrounding the situation, ranging from the ludacris (Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes that she got from Jay-Z), to the could-be plausible (Paris Hilton flirted with Brown and caused the argument), but all of them are addictive. A lot of sources are starting to claim that this wasn't the pair's first fight, which makes this all the more sad.

Both Jay-Z and Kanye West have come to Rihanna's defense. I don't like that rumors are starting to shake out that place the majority of the blame on Rihanna, as even if they fought because of something she did wrong, she certainly did not derserve a beatdown like the one reported. However, I fear this incident may have created the first pop culture catchphrase of 2009, as in my office alone, the comeback "I'll go Chris Brown on you" has already become a staple...and it's funny in a not-so-funny way.

In a funny turn of events, both Brown and Rihanna are nominated for NAACP Image Awards. The show airs tonight.

-'American Idol's most talked about contestant so far this season, Joanna Pacitti, has officially been let go and disqualified, despite officially making it past Hollywood week, and will be replaced by another competitor. This is due to the kerfufel involving her professional past: she was signed to A&M, released an album that flopped in 2006, had songs on several major soundtracks including "Legally Blonde" and "Bratz", and one of her songs was recently covered by Britney Spears. I personally liked her, and have liked her since I first heard "Watch Me Shine" from the aforementioned "Legally Blonde" soundtrack. However, I can see people's grief over her inclusion, because, in theory, "American Idol" is supposed to be a show about making amateurs into superstars. She definitely has had a lot more experience that your average next door neighbor.

-Set the DVR! The Jonas Brothers will be the musical guest this week on 'Saturday Night Live', with the host being Alec Baldwin. I am a HUGE fan of SNL, and have been for as long as I can remember. So when someone I enjoy following is on the show, I always get psyched. Alec usually gives an awesome show, and add to that the JB boys will be playing a couple of tunes makes having no boyfriend to spend Valentine's Day with a sad kind of way. I'm gonna guess they will perform "Tonight" and "Burnin' Up", although I'd love to see them do "Lovebug" or "Pushin' Me Away". And if they turn up in a sketch that makes fun of themselves even just a little bit, I'll probably die with happiness. Will you be tuning in?

-Celebrities for the upcoming "Dancing With the Stars" season prove to be one of the juiciest yet, and may just pull my eyeballs from the meh beginning of "Idol" this year. Those dancing this year will include: Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's, David Alan Grier, Jewel, Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson, frickin' Lil Kim, Gilles Marini (better known as Samantha's eyecandy in the "Sex and the City" movie), Jewel's husband Ty Murray, Steve-O, "Access Hollywood"s Nancy O'Dell, media whore/the-person-I-most-want-to-go-away-besides-Soulja -Boy-and-Lindsay-Lohan Denise Richards, NFL star Lawrence Taylor, country singer/dancer cutie Julianne Hough's BF Chuck Wicks and Kathy Griffin's boyfriend/former boyfriend(?)/Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.

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