Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy's 2009: A Look At the Madness (or Lack There Of)

I had meant to do a blog beforehand discussing who I wanted to win and who I thought would win on music's "biggest night". However, I was distracted because I spent the majority of Saturday at the NYC premiere of Friday, the 13th, and got to see it before the entire world(!) and got to meet my future husband and father to my future children Jared Padalecki(!!!!). Derek Mears, who played Jason, sat two rows in front of me during the movie screening. Crazy.

Anywho, enough of my gloating.

The Grammy's were somewhat predictable. The unpredictable part happened BEFOREHAND when it was announced that Chris Brown and Rihanna had cancelled their appearances, and then as the details continued to leak...I grew more and more appalled. He hit her? He beat her? He's arrested? He's in jail? He whipped her with a gun? Her jaw is broken? What? WHAT? WHAT?

I'm trying not to give in to the rumors, because we don't really know what happened yet. So TMZ throwing around the name "Ike Turner" seems a little unfair. We weren't there, we don't know the situation, and we also don't know the extent of the damage. I just hope for both of their sakes that everyone is okay, physically and emotionally, although it doesn't seem to sound like it.

Should it turn out that all of the rumors prove true, it's pretty safe to say Chris Brown's career will take a serious hit. A huge chunk of his fans are young girls, who would (and should) be appalled by this if it proves to be true. I'm not saying you shouldn't support his music anymore -- he had a ton of bangers that were awesome and will remain to be awesome. But still...this doesn't make him look too good. Strange because he seemed like such a genial good kid. I don't know what brought this on. People keep bringing up that his step-father used to beat his mother, which I suppose could be an explanation, but he also expressed how upset he was by this, so I doubt he'd want to carry on the tradition.

I was happy that Justin Timberlake and Al Green stepped in in Rihanna's place. Their rendition of "Let's Stay Together" was interesting to say the least, especially when it was revealed who their backup singers were...Boyz II Men! It's nice to see they are still given respect, even if it is in an small way.

I don't know if I was the only one, but I kinda dug the Hip Hop Summit with M.I.A. doing "Swagga Like Us". Sure, it was overhyped, but I thought it was pretty cool. And let's all give props to M.I.A. -- due to give birth and still rocking it, wiggling around in her little mushroom looking getup with stunna shades. Crazy.

I loved the tribute to the Four Tops with Smokey Robinson, Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo. Sure, the inclusion of the two on the latter was a bit random, but I think it was well executed and a nice send off to the legends that were (and are) the Four Tops. Jamie Foxx pleased me that he didn't ham it up too much, and Ne-Yo, although I could go either way on his music, he does have avoice that makes my ovaries quiver a little bit (not unlike Robin Thicke...ooooh Robin Thicke!).

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus were absolutely atrocious. I'm sorry. They were. Especially Miley. Taylor was a little flat but she sounded like Whitney Houston compared to Miley and her shouted "notes". Plus, what's the deal with the song? "Fifteen"? I get it for Taylor. She's 19. It's cute, it's "nostalgical." But Miley was 15 like...15 minutes ago. Was this meant to be some kind of slap at the Jonas Brothers?

Speaking of, the sheer fact that the Jonas Brothers performed with Stevie Wonder really bothered me. You all know I have an affinity for Kevin, Nick and Joe J, but my sweet Lord, you are not on the level of Mr. Wonder. Not even close. Who dreamt up this collabo? Just because they covered "Superstition" at an AMA after party with Jordin Sparks (and that version was better than this one -- in fact Jordin should have performed with Stevie), doesn't mean they should get to do it on the Grammies. Joe started off sort of strong but fell off the wagon fast. And I didn't dig the whole "C'mon Joe! C'mon Stevie!" bits. Nick -- please don't. Please. You're lucky enough you got Stevie Wonder to "sing" your "Prince-inspired" song. Yes, I rock out to "Burnin' Up" from time to time, but I strong enough in my OJD to admit -- the teaming with Stevie was not cool.

Katy Perry kicked off her "performance" coming down in a giant banana into a bowl of fruit. Do you get her clever innuendo? Tee hee, she's so sneaky. Not. Besides the fact that I can't stand this song and it's ungodly way to get stuck in my head, it was almost as fork-scraped-on-a-plate irritating as the Rock's "funny" and very pointless monologue in the beginning.

I was bummed Kings of Leon didn't win over Coldplay for best Rock Album, but at least "Sex On Fire" won for best rock song. As I predicted, the brothers Jonai didn't win Best New Artist. We all knew they wouldn't. So everyone can shut their traps mollified, alright?

I'm not gonna harp on Alison Krauss & Company, but I will say that clearly the Grammy voters are all over 70, white and regularly listen to the soundtrack to "O Brother Where Art Thou?" That must be the only reason why Kid Rock (in a pop category no less) or the Jonas Brothers would be nominated for a Grammy at all (to please the kids).

Did you watch the show? What was your favorite part? What's your take on the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal?


John said...

I'll only vary slightly from your review, in the fact that I actually didn't hate Stevie and the Jonas Brothers, much as I wanted it to be a train wreck.

Jennifer said...

You love Jared Padelecki?! Mel, you're gonna think I'm nuts but his MOTHER taught me 10th grade English in high school...SERIOUS. You can look it up and ask me questions later but she did. He's from San Antonio (graduated from Madison marching band used to do competitions with thim), yeah, he came to my school to visit her once but he wasn't that famous yet. I just saw him in passing and this was when he was on 'Gilmore Girls', seriously...I'm not joking!

Oh, Grammy talk...finally someone went in depth with it like I, hee hee. There were so many things wrong, I could barely find anything right about the whole night...and I agree about Stevie and Jo Bros, that was literally hell for me and Robin Thicke was robbed of airtime, he should've been on there longer and he should've shouted my name out over the live telecast :)

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