Thursday, February 19, 2009

The British Grammy's...

The Brits are the British equivilant to the Grammy's, and they took place this past Wednesday in London. Here are some highlights:

-Paul Weller beat out James Morrison and Will Young for Best British Male. I have no clue who he is. Any Brits care to fill me in?

-Duffy won the coveted Best British Female award over Adele, Estelle, M.I.A. and Beth Rowley. She also nabbed Best British Album for 'Rockferry', over Coldplay, Elbow, Radiohead and my beloved Ting Tings.

-Elbow nabbed Best British Group out of the much more deserving hands of Coldplay, Girls Aloud, Radiohead and Take That. Who the hell is Elbow and why are they taking the title away from Girls Aloud?

-WTF moment: Iron Maiden won Best British Live Act, again over Coldplay. Am I the only one who was surprised Iron Maiden was British? Maybe it was just me...

-The ladies in GA did get some praise, for their single "The Promise", which was the only part of Out of Control I actually overwhelmingly liked (but I admit, "The Loving Kind" and "Untouchable" are growing on me). They won Best British Single. It beat out Coldplay's "Viva La Vida", Duffy's "Mercy", Leona Lewis's "Better In Time" and Scouting For Girls' "Heartbeat".

-Best British Breakthrough Act was also given to Duffy...even though I think The Ting Tings or even Adele was slightly more deserving. And where were the Saturdays? They deserved to be at least nominated!

-I was happy that Kings of Leon's Only By the Night represented for us Americans and got love from the Brits, winning Best International Album. It beat out Fleet Foxes, the Killers, MGMT and the supposed favorite (I assumed) AC/DC. They also won Best International Group over the same folks.

-Kanye West grabbed his requisite award for Best International Male (over Beck, Neil Diamond, Jay-Z and Seasick Steve...if that's a random enough category for you -- who is this Steve and why is he Seasick?). That was the good news of the King/Queen International category, as Katy Perry won Best International Female. How she can beat out Beyonce, P!NK, Santogold and Gabriella Cilmi makes absolutely zero since, and I demand a recount.

-And in a way only the Brits can do, the Pet Shop Boys were given a special award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Guess I should grab that new album of theirs then?

-By far, the most interesting performance was by Estelle and the Ting Tings, performing "American Boy", "Shut Up and Let Me Go" and "That's Not My Name" as a mashup. It sounds totally random and god-awful in theory...until you see/hear it. Then it is glorious.

-Kings of Leon sounded amazing live (Mel's looking at you, Caleb Followill, aka Mr. Melismatic), of course, if it was really live...and I'm choosing to not be jaded and say it was. They performed their new single "Use Somebody" (although I was hoping for "Sex On Fire").

-And of course, I'd be quite remiss if I didn't speak about Girls Aloud's performance of "The Promise". As I stated, this is my favorite song off of Out of Control, and it's always fun when they sing live and all of them have a part. I didn't get the feathers thing. It was distracting and took away from how on most of them sounded. It also made it painfully obvious that this song has no real choreography to it, and just looked random. You could barely even see who was who with those damn things. And those outfits? They looked like glorified Vegas showgirl the feathers, and you know my mind's gonna go there!

I guess it's cliche, but I've always been a fan of Nadine (for her voice) and Sarah for her style and attitude, but I was blown away by Sarah's voice in the performance (the "Here I am...a walking primrose" bit and that beautiful riff toward the end). Gorgeous.


John said...

The Ting Tings/Estelle Mash-Up is sure to be one of my live highlights of the year. Brilliant stuff!

Nikki said...

The Ting Tings and Estelle duet was AMAZING. They should've won best British album, where'd all the fun go?! garr. Duffy deserved a BRIT or two but not three... I honestly think The Ting Tings should've won..

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