Tuesday, January 06, 2009

[WGO] Points of Interest

-I hate to admit it, but I'm becoming a sucker for the new Pussycat Dolls track, "Top of the World", mostly because it's the theme song for that MTV "reality" spinoff of "The Hills", called 'The City'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not much for MTV's prefab programming, but that track strikes a chord with me -- given it is the anthem for Whitney,who has just moved to New York City and is leaving everything she knows behind to pursue her dream. Call me corny, but I can relate.

-More on the guilty pleasure tip, Britney's current single,"Circus" is growing on me, and I feel better about myself admitting I like it more than I felt about "Womanizer".

-Pop Nation posted the song "Ice" by Lights. Where has this girl been my whole life? That song is awesome! Ditto goesto Kate Miller Heidke, and her "The One Thing I Know."

-Thanks to Nikki and her incessant love for Agnes Carlsson, I gave a listen to "Release Me" just before the new year and fell in love. The song is just so positive and fun to tap your toes to. It's like a breath of fresh air. There is just no other way to describe her. I also think she sounds a bit like Anastacia. Anyone else hear the resemblance?

-I'm developing a large crush on the boys of Kings of Leon. Their music is familiar but different. I want the album. Like really bad. Really really bad. I'll let you know how that one goes.

-You might not have ever heard of Electrovamp, a two piece girl group out of the UK, but you should. They are kind of like a trashier, campy-er two-girl version of Girls Aloud back in their early days. But their song "X Larger" has grown on me considerably to surpass my other early favorite "Drinks Taste Better When They're Free". Maybe I just like it because it seems like all of their songs have crazy long titles, not unlike Fall Out Boy or something.

-This is nothing new, but the more I listen to V-Factory's surmised first real single, "Love Struck", the more I dig it.

-More on the boyband tip: that song "Vanished" that I adore so much, that I originally thought was by V-Factory, until I was corrected that it was by Varsity Fanclub, is apparently not by them either. I was told that it was a demo for a Varsity Fanclub member, Drew Ryan Scott. I don't know much about this boy, and his three first names. Personally, I first thought the track sounded like that Travis from NLT, but apparently I'm wrong again? I just wish the labels behind these three boy bands would release tracks already, or confirm which tracks are by who. Because the ones they do seem to cop too usually aren't that great, but the really good ones are left in limbo. Well..."Vanished" at least. Maybe I'll shut up now.

-The Saturday's cover of "Beggin'" has a new 'studio' version. I don't think it's a studio cut, but is an officially taped version of the live version. But it is phenomenal. Keeping my fingers crossed the girls release "Work" as the fourth single, and head over to the US sometime soon! :)

-PopJustice posted their fave songs of 2008, and at the top of the list was Solange with "I Decided", I'm assuming the Freemason's remix, since they seemed to dig that version better (and who didn't?). That song is ah-may-zing in every way, but I dunno it it was the best song of the year. Still, it made me want to go back and put that song on repeat infinitely. My "#1 song" of '08 placed #8 on their list.

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