Sunday, January 18, 2009

[WGO] ...,Luv?

-Between the Sundance Film Festival and the various Obama themed Inauguration parties, the (American) music world seems to be tingling with busy-ness, which is probably why the most interesting news that I could gather is from the UK. However, I cannot pass this up: Former actor Joaquin Phoenix has made a musical debut in a club in Las Vegas this weekend. The weird part? He performed a bunch of original rap songs. Yes, you did read that correct, and do not need to readjust your computer screen. Click here if you do not believe me, but you should know that Mel tells no lies (purposefully, at least).

-All across the country, the Notorious B.I.G. biopic film "Notorious" is bringing back bad memories for people of the East Coast/West Coast rap wars. In fact, here in New York, I can speak for my own eyes upon being slightly frightened when trying to go see my beloved Jensen Ackles in "My Bloody Valentine 3D" (if you love campy horror movies -- GO SEE IT! NOW!). Now, it's been reported that four people were physically stabbed in Brooklyn at a party that was supposedly to "celebrate" the film.

-British tabloid The Sun has this thoroughly disturbing article about playing Scrabble iwth Amy Winehouse , and how she is refusing to divorce her Blake Incarcerated (I honestly don't even remember his last name...I think he should adopt "Incarcerated". It's catchy.) Make if it what you will. If you can.

-In other UK musician news: X-Factor band JLS have been signed by Epic Records, which means they could have an American release(? - just guessing/hoping?).

-Girls Aloud fans everywhere are extremely upset about the release of the rare b-side "Memory of You" (with "The Loving Kind") only on vinyl and are clamoring for a HQ release digitally or physically on a CD. I honestly never got to hear the song until today, and let me tell you -- I will join this angry bunch and beg for a release. This is leaps and bounds better than the majority of the ENTIRE "Out of Control" album. Click here to listen.

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Nikki said...

JLS? America? Let's see, both of Louis Walsh's boybands failed at their shot in America, I don't see why JLS could even hope for a break.

There's a Facebook group to petition that GA thing, I WANT HQ! haha.

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