Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[WGO] It's a "It Girl" kind of post

  • Rumors are running rampant around the blog world that Justin Timberlake and Leona Lewis will team up for duet cover of Dolly Parton/Whitey Houston's epic "I Will Always Love You". Apparently Leona covered the song while on "The X Factor". Maybe they are hoping for a threepeat of the songs success on the charts? I won't knock it til I hear it, but I don't think anyone can top Whitney's version.
  • Amy Winehouse continues to be her trainwreck of a self, and has recently admitted that her entire marriage to "Blake...Blake Incarcerated" was based on drugs. Well...they say that overcoming denial is a big step toward recovery...
  • Lindsay Lohan. Samantha Ronson. They're together. They're not together. Remind me why we care so much?
  • MTV is reporting that Vanessa Hudgens, of "High School Musical" franchise fame (and not much else..."Sneakernight" much?), has auditioned for a role in the upcoming "Twilight" film sequel, "New Moon". In fact, several Disney stars (including Brenda Song) are rumored to be auditioning for the hot property that is this vampire flick, I'm guessing in an vain hope to translate their squeaky clean image to more edgy (but still ridiculously lucrative) one. I don't know much about it as I guess I'm one of the six people in the United States who still hasn't read "Twilight" or any of its sequels. Don't hate -- I have the first one and I will read it next once I finish Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope." Call me crazy but I think that's a bit more important given our current state of the union.
  • Kanye West is on the cover of Vibe Magazine this month, and continues to say (new) crazy coo-coo bananas things, like he wants to pose nude to stir up publicity, that he'd rather have less fans, and that he's the greatest performer of his generation (okay, so that's not so new). Also -- apparentlyy he doesn't believe in religion. This explains why he likens himself to Jesus, I guess.
  • The people at "CSI" must have seen her convincing chops as "Annie" in that sketch on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, as Taylor Swift has been booked to appear on an upcoming episode. Err...what in the heck is she gonna play?
  • Fergie & "star" of "Transformers" Josh Duhamel have finally tied the knot after being engaged for 28.17 years.
  • Most interesting: MTV has compiled a list of potential "It Girls!" of 2009. The list includes Lady Gaga, the Nickelodeon, non-slutty Miley Cyrus Miranda Cosgrove, "Gossip Girl"'s Taylor Momsen (although I know her best as Cindy Lou-Who from that awful Jim Carey remake of "The Grinch"), r&b songstress/rapper Keke Palmer, and Joe Jonas' rumored honey/"actress"/the object of Taylor Swift's fury Camilla Belle.

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Nikki said...

Twilight. Ugh.

*throws up*

WHY is everyone so addicted to it? It's basically just a vampire who meets a girl, falls in love with her and the bites her.

I can name ten other books with the exact same plot line and that are written heaps better than Twilight.

Vanessa Hudgens? Edgy? Let's face it, whatever she does, the HSM/Disney tag will stick with her for life. She may want to do other things but because everyone knows her and her affiliation with HSM, there's no escaping it.

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