Sunday, January 11, 2009

Varsity Fanclub Album Delayed

Varsity Fanclub, whose debut album was expected to see release through Capitol Records this Tuesday, has announced the album will be pushed back a few months, in order to ensure maximum sales.

I'm not too surprised, as "Future Love", the first single, hasn't really gotten too much attention (yet) on radio. Although, it's always a little sad when you find out an artist's release is pushed back. I'm sure the current economy is also not helping their chances of seeing release and success.

The group posted a blog regarding the issue on their MySpace. Here it is in its entirety:

"Hey Everyone!!!!! Don't Worry :) I know that everyone is and will be disappointed with our album being pushed back a few more months. I know its hard to understand, but there are many aspects of the music industry where timing is everything. Our base is as strong as ever and we are continuing to grow world wide. Capitol Records and Varsity Fanclub are working out the fine details that are needed at this time to ensure not only success here in the states, but over seas as well. Believe that we are coming stronger than ever, and that WE ARE COMING OUT!!!! You can expect many great surprises from us in the next couple of months!!! We ask for your trust, patience, and continued support. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN 2009!!!!!


However, apparently you can still pre-order the album for when it does eventually come out through their MySpace page.

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