Monday, January 26, 2009

Top Sellers of Oh-Eight

Forbes Magazine has released the Top Selling Musicians of 2008, in terms of album sales. The top 10 may just surprise you (as it did me). No, it does not include Miley Cyrus, Beyonce or Kanye West. But a familiar face is #1...

1. Taylor Swift (4 million albums)
2. AC/DC (3.4 million albums)
3. Lil Wayne (3.3 million albums)
4. Coldplay (2.7 million albums)
5. Metallica (2.5 million albums)
6. Kid Rock (2.4 million albums)
7. Jonas Brothers (2.3 million albums)
8. Sugarland (2 million albums)
9. Nickelback (1.9 million albums)
10. Jack Johnson (1.8 million albums)

I was probably most surprised that AC/DC was #2. I wasn't aware their revival album was as big as it was. However, the fact that Metallica, Kid Rock, Nickelback and Jack Johnson were also in the top 10 is also surprising.

The most difficult thing to swallow for me is that to be in the top 10, you only need to sell 1.8 million albums. Think about that. That's how slow record sales are right now. Back in 2000, *NSYNC sold 2.4 million albums in one WEEK, and over a million in a DAY for "No Strings Attached." My oh my, has everything changed.

Were you surprised by the top 10?

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John said...

I can't say any of these surprised me, but I'm such a chart geek that this stuff is my reason for existing. Biggest surprise (without looking at the charts) has to be AC/DC. Who knew there was that much demand?

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