Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Showing Love (Spotlight!)

Last Sunday, posted about Red Blooded Women, a British electro pop trio who are ah-may-zing, as an artist you should know.

Turns out, the group already knows about this site, as it has joined rank among several amazing blogs who love and adore RBW, as they mentioned Melismatic during their "Happy New Year" MySpace blog on January 5, 2009.

"We were also in end of year lists from Electroqueer, Pop Trash Addicts, Fizzypop and Adem with an E, and have two songs in the top 10 of So Melismatic, so big thanks to them all for their support."

So, in thanks to them, I'm going to reiterate just how great this group is. If you haven't check them out before, do. And if you like what you hear, maybe you should shell out the fiver British to buy their brand new EP. It will ship to anywhere in the world, and features brand new, never-before-released material. Only 100 copies of this EP exist, so you'll be getting a rare collectable! I already ordered mine...

Also, if you're in the UK, you might wanna check out their tour dates. If you are going to a RBW show (or have in the past), please comment me and let me know so I can live vicariously through you! :) Hopefully they'll come to the States soon.

You can order the EP at RBW's MySpace. Here are their upcoming tour dates, all of them are in London, UK:

Jan 22, 2009 - Water Rats, 7PM
Jan 30, 2009 - Club Popjustice, 11PM
Feb 4, 2009 - Central School of Speech & Drama (Student Union), 8:30PM
Feb 25, 2009 - BMI Hit Street Showcase @ Cobden Club, 7pm
Feb 27, 2009 - Electroqueer @ Underbelly, 7PM


Tiffany Taeyeon said...

Hey girl, I replied to u on my blog! Check it out coz I'm worried we got out wires crossed over the Obama thing! And thanks for downloading those songs.

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

My hits have been really good today. I'm so glad my plan of starting controversy worked haha. I love Mariah, I just wanted to be really outrageous to get all the lambs coming from the message boards and putting my hits back up coz they've slowed down from like 1800 a day to 1100 or so. Mission accomplished!

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