Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Pulse: New Goods To Check Out

Here are 10 tracks I have recently listened to that are worthy of your attention.

-Dawn Richard "Falls Away"
Now 1/3 of Danity Kane, Dawn can stand out as a solo artist as well. This song just leaked recently and its very good in its simplicity.

-Teairra Marie "Holla"
A R&B jamstress, and this song is no exception. I'm not too too familiar with her (save "No Daddy", which I love), but I really really like this song.

-Video Villain "Low"
I'm a sucker for the UK electro-garage bands, especially Dead Disco. Imagine my disappointment when the group broke up last month. But 2/3 of the group have made a new group, called Video Villain. You can download the snazzy "Low" from their website, which is remixed by the Modernaires.

-Little Boots "Stuck On Repeat"
The voice behind Little Boots is the other 1/3 of Dead Disco. This is a good track as well, and is the free single of the week for the UK iTunes.

-Flo Rida "Right Round (feat. Kesha)"
I'm usually not much for hip hop cuts unless it's got a hot chorus and a hot beat, which this one certainly does. The man who brought us "Low low low low low (repeat on infinitely)" brings us this new single, the first from his sophomore album. It samples freakin' Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)". And the chick who sings with him, Kesha, sounds a lot like Katy Perry. Interested yet?

-Jade Valerie "Unbreakable (Moonlight Sonata)"
This track is a relative oldie but it is my fave Jade Valerie track. I feel "Razorman" is overhyped. This song is awesome in everyway, with it's use of sweeping symphony sounds, and Jade's voice is so strong and strained and cuts through you like a knife.

-Jackie Boyz "Heartless"
As much as I love Kanye West's new record, "808s & Heartbreak", you have to admit: he's a tad egotistical. Just a tad. Jackie Boyz seem like a respectable batch of up and coming R&B crooners, and take the chorus to Kanye's "Heartless" and twist it around to create a whole new thing that is just as good if not better than the original.

-Christina Aguilera "Dynamite"
I personally loved "Keeps Gettin' Better", and cannot wait for a new record from Ms. Aguilera to devour. While I wait, I was assuming RCA would release the other new track from the greatest hits collection to help tide everyone over. "Dynamite" is a very pop electro, and I can totally see Lady Gaga doing it (sigh), but that translates into it's incredible. Release it, RCA! Get on the stick!

-Goldfrapp "Crystalline Green"
Speaking of electro goodness, this vintage cut of Goldfrapp's should be on everyone's iPod. If it isn't...I don't know what's wrong with you.

-Girls Aloud "The Loving Kind"
Yes, I'll give in to the peer pressure and admit it's growing on me. But on first listen, I despised this song, along with the rest of "Out of Control", save "The Promise". Over time, they slowly grew on me, but I for one was expecting and hoping for another "Tangled Up" rather than what we got. Still, the Pet Shop Boys cannot be denied, and this song, like "Call the Shots" before it, finally gets my approval.

Comment if you want them. :)

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Anonymous said...

gud choice of tracks, 'specially likin Video Villain, thanks for tellin me bout em

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