Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lady Gaga: How I Wish To Be You

I've spouted my love for the Gaga over and over and over again. She just never fails to disappoint me. And I know there are people out there in the blogosphere who pick on her, call her trashy, call her a transexual, but you know what?

Take a good hard look at that picture above. It's from her recent performances over in Europe opening for the Pussycat Dolls. Now, just try and tell me she's not fierce. Sasha who? Leona what? Katy Huh? Girls Aquiet! Lady Gaga is the ish, and her outfit is proving it! You want a hot mess? Take a good look at PCD! They're lucky they copped "I Hate This Part" on the record, otherwise they'd be in serious trouble.

I'm not here to call anyone out -- I'm just saying -- there is no dissing of Ms. Gaga on this blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, for sure, but not in terms of Gaga.

This is just making me more and more upset that I may end up not getting to go to her performance here in NYC. Here's to hoping she does another show because that one sold out so fast, and this is her hometown. ::fingers crossed:: She epitomizes electropop & NYC to me, and I wanted to go so bad.

::Inspiration:: I'll be Lady Gaga for Halloween! Snap!


Nikki said...

haha.. Agreed! Lady GaGa is mind-blowing, there's no one else like her at the moment plus the fact that she writes her own songs! haha.

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

She's the most pretentious thing to ever step foot on the face of the earth! I nearly threw up in that 'music is art' interview. She's so full of herself.

With that said, I definitely respect that she sells records & that she created her own lane to stand out in the industry.

Oh and I didn't know u were a veronicas fan. You must love aussie pop! Holly, now them! Holly is my girl though... The naughty Girl video is my dream, I just wanna be in this fantasy NYC billboard land lol.

Only thing I like about the veronicas is they wrote for my girls tatu. Words can't express my love for tatu...

Mel said...

HAHA. More than half of musicians EVERYWHERE can be called pretentious to someone. I like Gaga. When Christina totally ripped her off, she took it all very gracefully and stated that the supposed "fued" brought her much more attention. Haha.

I love her. -- And oh, YES I love The Veronicas. I'm big into Aussie Pop. All day! :)

John said...

You need to come to Denver and check out the show here. We'll show you a good time!

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

I loved Gagas response to Christina, it was SO bitchy, i loved how she just took the high road and it really shut Christina down. I did love Christina's tranny implication though.

And come on, I know 75% of all musical artists could be called pretentious, but GaGa just takes it to a WHOLE nother level!

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