Monday, January 12, 2009

The Kelly Konundrum

As predicted, the Kelly Clarkson fever is hitting overdrive now that a clip of the first single "My Life Would Suck Without You" from the new album "All I Ever Wanted" has hit the net. The song is set to premiere to radios next week.

I've heard the clip. I'm not impressed.

Yes, Kelly is going back to her "Since U Been Gone" days, as so many of us had hoped. But something I don't feel like this image is her image, but an image crafted for her by her label, and by Clive Davis. Don't get me wrong -- Clive is an incredible man, who has done incredible things, and knows a helluva lot more about the music business than I do. But after the release of My December, I thought Kelly made it incredibly clear that she wants to be taken seriously as a serious artist, more along the lines of a rock/pop version of Evanescence's Amy Lee. She definitely has the vocal chops for it.

"My Life Would Suck Without You" doesn't not fit with that idea. At all. First, the title is awful and incredibly immature. The chorus is not very imaginative, either. I feel like this is a desperate attempt to be considered relevant in a music world shifting toward Europe's omniprescent electropop, when Kelly is not electropop, and shouldn't have to compromise who she is just to sell records.

Although I wasn't too fond of My December (but I did like "Never Again"), I respected Kelly for being willing to stand up to Clive and go with ther gut...even if it didn't work. Not too many people would be willing to take that chance, especially someone who is apart of the marketing juggernaut that is "American Idol".

The fact that this new album is called "All I Ever Wanted" is also suspicious to me, because if the rest of the tracks sound like "My Life...", I doubt this is what Kelly's "ever wanted." In fact, I think the original rumored title of "Masquerade" would be more appropriate.

PS -- I'm definitely not a cover artist, and I know there are several aspiring ones out there on the blog ether -- and I think every single one of you could have done a better job than the work done on "All I Ever Wanted". I reminds me of the hastily put together shlock that graces the cover of Britney's last two albums.

Anyone else agree? Or am I completely alone on this Kelly argument?

I promise to give "My Life..." another chance once the full thing leaks, but...we'll see.

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