Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 2(00)8 Songs of 2008 (Part 6)

Everyone who has a blog and their mother have excellent countdowns of their favorite songs/albums of 2008, so I figured I’d follow the trend and give in to the peer pressure. However, the task itself was incredibly formidable. I couldn’t really decide my favorite songs, to be honest, so I turned to my best friend/stalker, Last.FM, to tell me what my favorite songs are. Although I don’t entirely agree with the order, these are the top 28 songs I’ve listened to in the past 12 months in terms of overall plays. As always with when I talk about songs, if you’d like one of these songs to sample for yourself, just comment and let me know.

8. Danity Kane “Damaged”
I’ll admit to being addicted to “Making the Band 3”, and being emotionally involved with the creation of what would become Danity Kane. The debut album was far better than the sub-par recognition it got, and had several more potential singles than the paltry two it produced. The sophomore set was even better, and “Damaged” was my jam for about two months straight. The song still isn’t old to me. I’m still a bit in shock that Aubrey and D.Woods were “let go” due to creative problems (read: Diddy likes his money) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the new trio version of DK, considering Dawn and Aundrea were the strongest singers anyhow. This song’s beat is just relentlessly driving (complete with handclap), and the staccato style of delivery with the stutter is so reminiscent of the pop golden days of ’99 – they just don’t do it like that anymore. I think I’m gonna form my own girl group and call it Kanity Dane…
Best Part: The beat, and “Can you fix my h-e-a-r-t? ‘Cuz it’s d-a-m-a-g-e-d…Tell me are you up for the challenge…”

7. Red Blooded Women “Keep Up The Attraction”
This is the first of two entries for RBW – a British electro pop trio that will have their own “You Should Know” page soon. If you don’t know them – wisen up. If they did a tour with Girls Aloud and The Saturdays, I’d just about die of excitement. All of their songs are chiq in that kitchy lyrical way that GA used to do it, with an electro style that is so ’08. Plus – the lyrics are good in that, ‘I’m a good girl but I still got your attention’ kind of way – an image that girls can look up to. Finally!
Best Part: The major key – it’s just so funky and positive!

6. Christina Aguilera “Keeps Gettin’ Better”
Comparison’s to my beloved Lady GaGa aside, I will always worship la Aguilera, mainly because girlfriend can sang her little blonde butt off. The second I heard this song, it sounded so different, so Goldfrapp, so GaGa, that I adored Christina for once again re-inventing herself, and I’m not surprised she’s upset about the similiarities with GaGa (I mean – I would be). Whether it was intentional or not, this song is good on its own – because let’s face it, it’s much more mainstream than GaGa or Goldfrapp will ever be in the US.
Best Part: “Some days I’m a super bitch…Next day I’m your super girl” and “Serve it up in a shot, suck it down like a man”, along with that synthy undertone. She gets the UK electro! Finally!

5. The Saturdays “Not Good Enough”
This countdown will prove my love for The Saturdays. However, the omission of this song from “Chasing Lights” is a complete shock in my book, and a total shame. It’s leaps and bounds better than the album’s title track semi-ballad, which is why I’m left scratching my head. This song shows of The Satz’s brilliant harmony and the fact that they can sang -- something that many girl groups don’t have and try to downplay. The lyrics are so well-thoughtout and in your face. So note to Fascination Records – what were you thinking leaving this track off? B-side material? Are you crazy?
Best Part: The entire chorus, especially the soaring “My hands…doesn’t wanna hold ya…”. The riffer throughout this song deserves a Nobel Prize in Pop Perfection.

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