Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kanye & those Crazy Disney Kids...

So how awful was Kanye West on SNL last night? (Don't know how long this link will last, but try it anyway -- here.)

-Happy 20th Birthday to Vanessa Hudgens!

-Yesterday was Taylor Swift's 19th birthday. Happy belated!

-Paula Abdul is fueding with the producers and blaming the death of her stalker/former 'Idol' contestant on "American Idol". Now, rumors of the inclusion of a fourth judge (pop songwriter Kara DioGuardi) is NOT to replace Paula but because four is "the magic number." But what it is a tie? How do they decide who goes to Hollywood? Wasn't having three judges the way to solve this?

-Tim McGraw is considering running for Govenor of Tenneesee in 2010. And no, that's not a joke.

-Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens (aka Zanessa...yes, I'm hip to the kids lingo) were spotted in a sex toy shop, where they posed with fans. Don't believe me? Here's the pics.

-Disney has greenlit a new scripted comedy show that excites me like you wouldn't believe:

"A tween boy who gets hired as the lead guitar player for a Spinal Tap-type band that was popular in the '80s and is looking to make a comeback. All roles are now being cast. Addresses at Acting Info."

I can think of a million jokes for that but I'll refrain. How awesomely bad could this be? None. None more awesomely bad. (Okay, fine, so I made one joke.)

-This is why I love Chelsea Handler (almost as much as that other female comic/celebrity splicer -- Kathy Griffin). Even if it does come at the expense of my guilty pleasure love, the Jonas Brothers.

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